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Islands to visit for a young professional woman

Hi all,
I have travelled all over Europe but never to Greece. I am looking at going next June...

Which Islands and sights would you recommend for a young professional who would like to enjoy the beaches, likes history (my last visited favorite museums were: Museum of Occupation of Latvia in Riga and Museum of Communism in Prague), hiking, etc.

I do not necessarily want a party island but I also do not want to be on the couples or honeymooner island if there is such a thing as I may travel on my own. Not sure yet. Tend to not book trips much in advance.

If you can think of 2 islands there can be easily combined...great!

May be coming from Portugal, Turkey or Scotland...If you know of any good connections.

Thank you!

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You might find it helpful to have a look at Matt Barrett's excellent Greece Travel website. There's a LOT of good information there, and a good description of the islands. With that information, you should be able to choose the best island to fit your preferences. I'd suggest choosing two islands in the same "group" (ie: Cyclades) as it will make the transportation easier. For example, you could spend a few days in Athens, take a Ferry to Naxos, Ferry to Santorini and then a flight back to Athens. There are many possibilities.

Your connections will depend to some extent on where you're coming from. You'll likely have to transit through Athens if you're coming from Portugal or Scotland and then take a flight to the islands (not all islands have airports however).

Happy travels!

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All the Greek islands will be visited by honeymooners and couples, but they're not standing around groping each other, at least not in plain sight! Seriously, if you want nightlife the most popular islands will be a mix of all sorts of people including couples, honeymooners, families, solos, young and old, and June can be very busy, so prepare yourself.

Santorini is a spectacular island of unique historical interest. Check the internet for Akrotiri and Ancient Thera. There's a hiking trail along the cliff overlooking the caldera as well as one in Perissa Beach up the side of the mountain upon which sits Ancient Thera. Beaches there are black volcanic grit/pebbles/rock and get very hot in the summer months.

Naxos and Paros might be a better fit. They are not as popular but still have great beaches, nightlife and some historic aspects. Crete is huge and offers a wide range of attractions. Really, there are just too many to mention. Get yourself a copy of T. Cook's "Greek Island Hopping" so you can make an intelligent and educated decision.

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Thank you Lee and thank you to my fellow canadian!
I have somewhere to start planning... :)

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Val, Lee is SO right! Guidebooks are a real help, rather than trying to get the needed info & insights "on the fly" from the internet. It's like trying to get a drink from a fire-hose; you get flattened by the flood, yet still thirsty. Guides winnow down facts, permit focus. Try the library also! To complement Lee's book tip, a good quick-browse very visual overview is EYE-WITNESS: The Greek Isles; colorful 2-3 pp on each, drawings/pix of each isle's highlights; and endpapers show ferry connections. If no library convenient, check shelves at Barnes & noble.

If flying from another Europe area, best to check Ryanair, Jet Blue for euro-bargain schedules and ALSO Aegean air which has added a number of European destinations. For UK, Check scotland airports to see which islands they have direct flights to --however these usually are "in season" (june-Sept) ... you haven't told us when you may go.