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Island of Hydra worth it?

We will be in Athens for 7 days in March. Would it be worth it to go to Hydra? Is there much to do there? Stay overnight or just day trip? Any thoughts?

Thank you!

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We really enjoyed our 2 nights in Hydra that we had this past April. The town and sea are beautiful! We took a hike into the hills, walked along the shoreline, and spent time along the harbor eating and boat and people watching.

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Yes......if you don't like to relax and want to do, do, do, then a day trip is ideal. But if you want to take a relaxing break, spend a night or two.

I'm going back in the fall for a few days of R & R.

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Hydra has one of Greece's prettiest waterfronts with the village cascading down to the harbor.

Lovely back streets to wander around and a nice lane to walk to the small village of Kamini.

Hydra is not known for it's beaches or archeological sites.

It's mostly very nice for a day trip or just a few days as there really isn't that much to do other than hang out, people watch and just enjoy the village without cars and motor bikes buzzing around everywhere.

If you want a island even closer to the mainland that is larger and has everything one would want in a Greek Island then Aegina would be better.

However, nothing wrong with a day trip to Hydra just to see and experience it.

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It's a great place for a relaxing break. There isn't a ton to do if you mean official sights, but there is a nice town to explore, great hikes, and fine beaches (probably not for swimming in March, though!). I would look into if March is off-season and how much is open. I was there in August, so I really don't know. We spent 3 nights and enjoyed it, but you could certainly do less, but for a relaxing break I would suggest an overnight.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you all! So much good information for me to make a decision.

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I'm simply doing cut & paste of an answer I posted to another query -

I would use another isle vs Hydra -- It's hyped by Steves because i t's part of one of his tours, or is an add-on to a mainland-only tour... because it's a day trip. Beautiul harbor, a longish sea trip in enclosed-cabin ferry. No beaches handy, no cars or local transit except donkeys. It's also gained fame because of some movies.. tho the scenery in those is not readily available to day-visitors.

Instead I would recommend a day-trip to AEGINA... only 1 hr from port of Pireaus, an dyou can get a large OPEN-DECK ferry, you can enjoy the seascape.. a little mini-cruise... see huge liners, freighters, ferrries, schooners, speedboats, & shoreline, When u arrive at port town, can explore small lanes, shops. You can rent a car for half a day, or take local bus/taxi to center island hi hill & stunning Temple of Aphaia, 360° view of Saronic Bay... from there, a downhill "shortcut" takes u to Ag Marina beach village for lunch, & bus back. Here's interestin detail step-by-step photo-log ol a daytrip -

I chanced on Aegina when I had 48 hours to wait before an (infrequent) ferry to another destination, and went solo, staying onite at edge of port town. I found it fascinating, because it's not really tourist-oriented... it's Athens' handy getaway... in the port cafe at sunset, I was surrounded by 20-something Athenians. It's not a "dressed-up" or prettified place... but I found it very Greek.

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Thank you! I will investigate AEGINA. Sounds like it might be a better option.