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🪪International Drivers license on Crete

🧐I’ve read on many different sites an International license is required in Greece to rent a car.

🤔Just curious if anyone has been there lately, and if that was enforced by the car rental agencies?

Also any other comments or advice from fellow travelers on this topic is welcomed…

Thanks. 🙏🏻

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Sir David,

Again you are a genius. 👍👏 You’re absolutely correct. It really is for law enforcement…and I am going to get one.

How silly of me to even ask if the rental agencies required it. I do remember watching a video when they said I wasn’t able to rent without one in Greece. That video didn’t share the real reason why you should get one.

I am surprised that only AAA offers it.

Thanks again!

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Things change, but at one time Greece became very strict about requiring the IDP, many people reported the rental companies asking for it. I am in the camp that says if I am planning on driving, I get it, whether it be required or not, cheap "better safe than sorry" insurance for ~$25.

AAA is the near sole source in the US, as is usually the case in most countries, the "Automobile Club" has that role. I believe it speaks to the times that the IDP came about. They really are acting as a Notary Public of sorts, specifically for the IDP, in fact in some offices only certain people are allowed to process them.

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Some months ago Greece dropped their requirement for the IDP for US citizens, but some rental agencies still won't rent a car to you if you don't have one.

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We went to Greece this past May and the law changed after we reserved the car. I contacted the rental car companies and we were not required to have it for either Crete or the mainland.

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In Greece, since November 5 2021, the international permit is no longer necessary for holders of a valid driver's license for motorcycles and passenger cars during their stay in Greece, and whose driver's license was issued by the United States of America or Canada or the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth of America and Gibraltar.

Car rental companies are now fully aware of this text, do not believe anyone who tells you that they are not allowed to rent you a car without an international license

If you are a US citizen and the rental company asks you for an international permit to rent a car, it is in violation of Greek law (article 94 No.4850/2021 paragraph G), who knows what other law they might not respect.

So choose another rental company.