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Inexpensive place to eat/drink and have a night time view of Acropolis?


I have one afternoon/night in Athens and am looking for any recommendations for a good place to have dinner or a drink where we would have have good view of the Acropolis at night? I am hoping for a place that might be less than $20 per person for dinner? Or maybe drinks?
Also might anyone know if any of the other sights nearby you can get close enough to for photographs at night?
I did read the previous post about the Rooftop bar in Athens, but was curious if there were any other options.

Thank you

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Diane, why is it one afternoon/evening only? Are you going on some cruise? (probably not, since you're bargain-hunting). I can't recommend a commercial restaurant with a fab view where you can dine for under $20 (which BTW is only €14.50 -- if traveling in Greece or visiting Greek ports, it's well to think AND talk in Euros; is a handy instant currency-conversion site.

Anyway, if you are going April 1 - Oct 31, consider the New Acropolis Museum … except for Mondays (when it closes at 4 pm) it's open until 8 pm, and has a wonderful glassed-in restaurant on the 2nd floor with, in warm weather an open terrace … looking directly up at the Parthenon (on FRidays, the restaurant is Open until Midnight) This link shows you the wonderful views and gives a sampling of menu items. I've had lunch there and found prices VERY reasonable. (The museum is not govt-owned but is a nonprofit institution). I believe you can access the restaurant without paying the entry fee to the Museum; go to the ticket desk to get information …. you can easily confirm this by e-mail: Of course, the admission fee is only €5, and the museum is totally worth while, especially if your all-too-brief visit to Athens includes a climb up to the Acropolis. NOTE: if your one night is a Friday, I advise you to have your hotel call for a reservation -- I understand the Museum restaurants are VERY popular on Friday eves.

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I don't have much desire to spend any extra time in Athens before we head out to the islands. From what I've read it seems easily doable to quickly see a one or two sights in the time we have there. I've been fortunate enough to do lots of traveling around Europe so seeing the Acropolis and Agora, maybe a temple is enough time in Athens for me.
Thank you for your recommendations, I will look into the links you provided.

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Thanks for the info on the Acropolis Museum Restaurant from someone who plans to spend 5 nights in Athens in the fall before going on to the islands. I have read many comments that Athens isn't worth the time, but the positive one that stuck with me was RS's that it is good to see the major museums before going on to the islands so that you will have a greater understanding of what you will see on them.

I sat down with his book on Greece as well as other information resources and wrote down the recommended time it will take to see each thing we want to see. I came up with a minimum of 20 hours total. We are slow travelers, it's a lot to take in and we just like "being there" in most places, so I'm planning on 5 nights/4 days before we go on to any island.

I hadn't gotten to the restaurant research yet, so the recommendation is very welcome.

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Do you have a hotel yet? We stayed at the Acropolis View Hotel (per recommendation here) and they had a rooftop terrace (no food up there) We had our own snacks and it was a stunning view. They way we came in we had not yet seen the Acropolis so when we came out onto the terrace it was one of those moments! Warm, star filled night .... My grandson (11) loves Greek history so Athens topped the list. We were only there 2 days and it was enough for us to see what we wanted to. I don't remember the names of the restaurants but there were a few very moderately priced ones within a few blocks of the hotel with views. We ate at the same one both nights because of the good food, view and reasonable prices.

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Thanks for the advice! I will look into the hotel.

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Rick doesn't list too many restaurants with roof top views like that but here are two that he does mention. Having personally been to the Strofi restaurant, the food was great and the view from the terrace was worth it. I hope this helps some.

Strofi Athenian Restaurant is my favorite place in town for white-tablecloth, elegantly modern, rooftop-Acropolis-view dining. A five-minute walk from the tourist crush, Niko Bletsos and his staff need to be as good as they are. Once you’re seated on their rooftop enjoying classic Greek cuisine--especially lamb--under a floodlit Acropolis, you’ll be glad you made dinner reservations here. And though they have a fine air-conditioned interior, the breeze makes the rooftop comfortable even on hot evenings (€6-10 starters, €13-17 main dishes, Tue-Sun 12:00-late, closed Mon, about 100 yards down Propyleon street off Dionysiou Areopagitou at Rovertou Galli 25, tel. 210-921-4130,

Splurge: Hotel Grande Bretagne’s Roof Garden Restaurant is considered by many the finest place in town to dine on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine in pure elegance--in a rooftop garden with spectacular Acropolis and city views (€20-25 pastas, €25-45 main dishes, plan on spending €60 for dinner, daily 13:00-1:15 in the morning, reservations required for meals, “smart casual” dress code, north side of Syntagma Square, tel. 210-333-0766, If you don’t want such an expensive meal, drop by their bar for a €10 beer or a €16 cocktail.