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Just fantastic news. I can't wait to meander. Hope many, many cities everywhere do the same.

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The city I live in is discussing the closure of the main downtown street to allow pedestrians to use as a walkway to allow businesses to use sidewalks for restaurants and other businesses. I hope this comes to be and continues going forward!

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That would be wonderful. If you have ever been to Athens, especially Central Athens you know how the traffic is. It's probably more dangerous to cross a street in Athens than getting pick pocketed!

On the other hand even so-called pedestrian only streets now are used by motor bikes so I hope the authorities start cracking down on that and for any future pedestrian only areas.

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Tommy - I second your thought on motorbikes, but I’m not holding my breath!

One of the streets to be pedestrianised is Athinas. That’ll be great for the Attalos but I really can’t see them stopping motorbikes coming in to the central market.

Having said that I’m old enough to remember when the streets around the Acropolis were choked with traffic. We looked at the pedestrianisation plans and thought we must have misunderstood. There just seemed no way they could clear those streets. Now, of course, they’re wonderful.

Fingers crossed.


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Athinas St. is one of my favorite streets in Athens. I also stay at the Attalos Hotel on Athinas St.

Athinas St. has a lot to offer including the Central Markets and many small shops, markets and tavernas.

It also has a number of side streets off of it with many more businesses.

The traffic on Athinas St. can be quite busy and can be quite dangerous crossing a street.

However, once the businesses close the street becomes very quiet.

I'm still hopeful I can get to Greece this October.