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Ice cream or traditional greek dessert????

Hello from Rhodes....i want to open a shop to a touristic area....i am between ice cream wich has plenty shops around and another idea is greek fresh yogurt (not frozen) with fresh fruits.... yogurt with traditional suryp sweets ..... yogurt with honey and nuts....greek traditional halva!!!!I prefer the yogurt-halva shop because there is no other but i would like your opinions....would you try it as a tourist???Its a greek traditional desert!!!!! Thanks in advance!!!! Looking forward for your answers!!!!

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I think foreign tourists always appreciate more local traditional specialties, I think there are enough gelato shops in the Mediterranean, especially the Greek islands I've seen a lot. You would want to differentiate yourself.

That said I think it's smart that you are soliciting for advice from foreign tourists here, but I would be careful about advertising anything on the forum as that goes against the rules.

Good luck on your business idea! καλή τύχη

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Since you are in Rhodes, why not take the opportunity to do your on-site survey by asking to the tourists?

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Of course, Yogurt, honey and nuts is also served for breakfast so expand your hours.