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I am planning a Trip to Greece in November.

I was planning a trip to Greece either the week of November 5th or the following week. I was there as a kid and have not been back since. Any advice on groups I can join there?


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Niyati, what kind of "groups" are you interested in? Do you mean tour groups led by local guides? Or groups geared toward specific hobbies or interests? Could you clarify it for us so we MIGHT be able to offer some assistance? Thanks.

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We still don't get it ... niyati you cant be a Person of Mystery and still get useful help. When you say "group to travel with" do you mean you are a young adult maybe backpacking want to meet some others maybe at hostel or budget hotel, and team up to go together on intercity busses or a ferry or two? Or do you mean you want to join a planned tour that takes a certain itinerary on the mainland, to well-known sites & destinations, and includes transportation, hotel, and some meals? What is your desired budget for some trips out of athens?

IF it is the former -- then you have to have an idea of WHERE y ou want to go ... and hope that thru social media you could pick up some fellow travelers.

If the latter -- here's an excellent 2-day tour that takes you to some great ruins plus a gorgeous seaside town (Nafplio) -- but I don't know if it's available in November -- on that webpage, there's a phone # and email address to get more information.

Without more details from you, we cant help because, altho we have experience, we are not mindreaders.

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That was helpful. Was looking to tour around - but with a group - that 2 day tour looks fine. Sent them an email. Thanks.