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Hydra to Santorini

We will be in Greece in May and have most of the trip planned. We plan to be in Hydra on May 23 and then to travel from Hydra to Santorini on May 24. I know there is no direct ferry from Hydra to Santorini, but would like to make the trip in one day with a change of ferries in Piraeus. Are there ferries with the timing that we could do this? If not, would it make sense to travel to the airport to take a flight to Santorini?
We will be in Athens for 3 days prior, and plan to rent a car and drive around the Peloponnese for week and a half, after going to Hydra and Santorini. Any other suggestions for places we shouldn't miss. Thanks for your help.

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There are several ferry search engines that are probably about equal. I went to (easy to type but leads you to and found two overnight ferries that depart from Pireus/Athens in the afternoon and arrive to Thira/Santorini after midnight (they'll be much further away by the actual morning). Three daytime boats all depart Pireus about 7:00 a.m. A flight could get you there at a more reasonable evening hour (

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I'm wondering whether Hydra is really the best choice of second island to visit in your situation. I don't know how much total time you have in Greece or how your itinerary is structured, but Naxos is only about 2-1/2 hours from Santorini by ferry. It's my impression that Hydra is the island people go to when they don't have time to get to one of the more distant islands. But I admit that I've never been there.

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Most people on this forum inquire about Hydra simply because it's the only island that R Steves promotes -- he mainly "doesn't do islands." Is there another reason you chose it? If for the "quaint port," granted it does have that -- but so do scores of other islands. For sand,sun, swims? Hydra has no beaches, you jump off rocks. For donkeys? If looking for a classic one-night "greek island experience" this wouldn't be it; As another said, Hydra has most appeal tourists who only have time for a day trip.

What makes sense? Straight to Santorini. After time in Athens, skedaddle to the airport and fly to Santorini. Right now on Aegean Air (avoid Ryan air) on May 23 there's a flight at 7:15 am for $106 (vs. about $65 for ferry reserved seat, but only 45 mins vs. 9 hours). Then after a couple days in Santorini (don't expect ocean swims, beach is black grit), you may wish to have that "greek Isle experience" for a couple of days nearby ... both Naxos & Antiparos (a small charming island almost attached to a larger one, Paros) are good choices. Lovely golden-sand beaches reachable w.o. renting a car. When u are ready for the Peloponnese you have 2 choices to get there:
(1) Fly from Paros to ATH, rent car and you can drive straight thru across Corinth Canal on modern multi-lane highway outside city.
(2 Take 11 AM ferry from Paros, arrive Pireaus 3 pm, arrange ahead for rental-car pick-up there -- a few blocks away, you get on feeder road to modern highway (above) .

As for "other suggestions for places we shouldn't miss" --- how would we know what to suggest? Since you are on the Steves site, you probably have his book. Read sections on Athens & on the Peloponnese, then ask us specifics about sights and activities you want to know more about. If what you want are ideas about the islands you choose, tell us what kind of info you want. That way we won't be typing and typing and typing all kinds of things about destinations you are not interested in.

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Thanks so much for all the responses. I think we will not go to Hydra, but instead investigate another island near Santorini. Sorry for the open ended question...I added that at the end, but do have a pretty good idea of the rest of our itinerary. If there are any suggestions for second island to visit (Naxos vs Paros for example), I would welcome those.