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Hydra hotels open in December

We are taking our first trip to Greece and it needs to be between Christmas & New Years. We would like one island visit and Hydra looks like the best option but we are having trouble finding any place to stay. Any suggestions for that time of year? Of the places listed in Rick's Greece book, not a single one appears to be open - not even those not listed as closed. (At least they show nothing is available for several weeks.) Help please!!

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Hydra is a very small island with few accommodations compared to the rest.

I would suggest looking at Crete or Santorini as they would more likely have a larger selection of hotels open that time of the year.

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I would add that on Airbnb a search for entire accommodations available between December 27 and 29 (within +/- 2 days) shows more than 150 accommodations available with an average nightly price of € 149.

That said, if Hydra is an island recommended by RS for a short stay when you don't have too much time, by spending two more hours on a ferry you will certainly have a lot more choice on Tinos, Paros or Naxos.