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How to refuel a car in Greece?

Hello everything is fine?
Would you like to know how it works to fill up your car in Greece?

Is it self-supply? Which button to press first on the pump to fill up? and the payment?

I will be driving in Peloponnese, Delphi/Meteora and Santorini.


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They work the same as in the US. They have self service or with attendant. You can pay with cash or card. Prices are around €2 a liter at the moment. Prices are displayed as price per liter with 3 decimals although sometimes you might see no decimal point, so for example instead of euro 1.909 per liter you might see 1909 per liter. Just know that the last 3digits are decimals and you are not paying 2000 euro per liter. Just make sure you put the correct fuel. Lots of European cars are diesel. Regular Unleaded is 95 octane. 98 or 100 is super.

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As far as I recall we seldom pumped the gas ourselves. For the most part there was an attendant who filled the tank. Then I had to go into the shop to pay.

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I have purchased fuel in Greece maybe 20 times or more and have never pumped it myself that I can recall.