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How to buy tickets online for Palace of Knossos

Trying to figure out the best way to get tickets online for the Palace of Knossos for end of June. What is the official website or does anyone know of a good guide?

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TICKETS -- No need to buy online ... most people who are jittery about tickets are using their experience in other places, like Rome, where tickets to indoors/ in great demand places like Sistine Chapel are booked months in advance. KNossos is hiuuuge outdoor ruin... it never "fills up." The only time there might be a line at the ticket booth would be if you arrive just after a bunch of busses from a cruise ship docked in Heraklion that day. You can easily avoid this, by learning what cruise ships may arrive on on the day you've planned for Knossos... and if the Ship is in port from 8 AM - 2 pm, y ou can figure out when the mobs will have to leave in order to get back on their Monster-Boat... usually they're leaving Knossos by 2 at latest. How to find Cruise-docking Schedule? Google "Greek Port Schedule for Cruises" Just online research.

GUIDE - Only a "licensed" guide can take people thru official ancient sites ... a "taxi tour" guy is just a driver, and is not allowed to "guide". Luckily Knossos is one of the few places where, in season (June - Sept,) licensed guides are found at the gate... they charge about €10 a head, and try to gather 6-8 people.. if a group is already forming when u walk up, you'll be underway shortly.. otherwise you may have to wait around. If you get impatient, you can offer him/her a higher rate.

OFFICIAL Website - just google "Knossos Official Website"> If you just Google Knossus youl'l get the Wikipedia version which tells you a lot more, very well done. Again, this is just research.

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Thank you so much. That is what I thought from my research but nice to hear from someone who has done it.