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How much time for Acropolis

Hello all you helpful travelers!
Keeping in mind that our family are big readers and have been known to close down museums, how long do we need to leave for the Acropolis? I keep seeing 2-3 hours, but I wonder if that would be enough for us. I'm ready to book our combo tickets for mid June, but I can't decide between booking them for 8:00 and then navigating all the peak visiting time crowds or booking them for 5:00 and risking the possibility that we miss something.
Any input greatly appreciated!

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I would factor in the potential heat factor along with how long it might take
you to get to the base if you go for the early entry.

3 hours ought to be enough up top, I would think. Besides, to see some of
the stone artifacts you'll be going to the Acropolis Museum (and the British
Museum also :+) )...

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After the walk up to the top, there is very little to do or see beyond what is apparent in front of you. There is a lot of scaffolding. There are closed off areas. It is not that big on top. There will be a lot of people, so lingering to get a best picture will take time. But really an hour on top is more than enough. I don’t remember there being a lot to read.

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Thank you @shoeflyer and @treemoss2 for your input. That really helpful. I feel much more comfortable booking our tickets for the evening now.

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If you stay at the Acropolis for more than 1 hour and take your time to understand what you see, going there at 5 p.m. can be a good alternative rather than going there at 8 a.m. when you will see the crowds arriving from 9 a.m (not to mention the heat factor).

If you want to do more than take a few photos, see:

You can also consult this website:

And watch an interesting virtual tour in ancient Athens (5th century BC)

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There's more to the site than just the very top which is impressive but there's even more to see as you leave and go down the south slope which is filled with even more sites so you may want to consider adding time for that.

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Thank you @JoLui for the sites. I'm sure we'll enjoy checking those out before we go.
@Tommyk5, that's what I was figuring and why I was concerned. Did you spend more time there? So far it sounds like even if we take our time and explore it slowly we can still be finished in 3 hours. Thanks for your help.

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I would think less than 3 hours will give you ample time to explore the top and South Slope.

I got there at opening time, 8 a.m. (before you had to book ahead) so there was no line and it was very peaceful and tranquil before the hordes of tourists and tour groups started showing up an hour later.

If you are a history buff then figure 1 hour on top just wandering around and taking in what you are experiencing.

Then head south down the slope to even more impressive sites, though minor still worth taking time to enjoy especially at the bottom where there is a beautiful amphitheater.

I was there in early October but it may be more crowded in mid-June.

I would think you best option is to get there at 8 in the morning.

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Three hours will be more than enough time to visit the Acropolis. I would prefer 8 AM before the crowds and heat.

But if you want to see most of the items found at the Acropolis, then you have to visit the Acropolis museum. And if you are readers and have been known to close down museums, then I would suggest sending the rest of the day at the Acropolis museum. There is a lot to see and a good place to be once the temperatures rise outside.

There also a nice view of the Acropolis from the museum.

The museum has a restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating.

It's just a few minutes walk between the two sites.

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Thank you @TommyK5 and @Frank II. I'll bring your comments to the rest of our party so we can all decide together.