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hotels w/o reservations

We will be traveling to Greece in Sept. I plan to make reservations in Athens but do I need reservations invisiting Delphi, Olympia, kardamyli etc.

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No, not in September... however, the savvy thing to do, to avoid aimless wandering around, is to arm yourself with a "short list" of hotels that you've seen good reviews of, and are in your budget limits ... with a phone # too. THat way you'll have some purpose in your "walk-ups", not just random. All these towns are small, you can get around to your list easily. I've been to 2 of them as a budget traveler, and in Delphi I can definitely recommend Hotel Pan, and if it's full, the one across the street (Artemis?), just be sure to get room with a balcony view down the mountain to the sea ... at Pan, we were on the main floor, but the BACK of the hotel -- and when we stepped on the balcony, hawks were circling BELOW us. In Olympia, I stayed at a quiet small & tidy hotel, Hotel Hercules (no breakfast) for about €30 in May, arriving in evening, and owner gave me a Priceless tip: If entering ancient site in morning, go FIRST to the Museum, because all the tour crowds go first to the ruins... that way you'll have the Museum to yourself. He was SO right!! only 3 people in entire museum and a blessed hour to enjoy its treasures before the bus crowds thronged in.

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Thanks John, we have traveled that way in the past but I just wanted to make sure this was the case in Greece.