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Hotels in Naxos

Hi All,

Looking for specific hotel recommendations in Naxos. We will be there in the middle of September, most likely for 6 days and 5 nights. We would like to be within walking distance to the beach, bars, restaurants. Is there any benefit of being close to Naxos town or can you just take a car or public transportation there? We plan on hiking quite a bit then coming back to the hotel and relaxing. Our budget would be up to $300 per night. Wondering what area we should be looking and if you have any specific hotels you would recommend.

Thank you!


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I don't have a specific hotel recommendation but I can recommend that you stay on St. George Beach so you're within easy walking distance to Naxos Town but away from the busiest part of the island.

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Hi Andrew,
We stayed at the Galaxy Hotel last year for 3 nights and really enjoyed our visit. The main part of town was approx. a 5 min walk, with shops and restaurants on the way. It was right on St. George beach and close to the bus station for easy transportation. We took the bus to Agia Anna beach which is simply beautiful. Plus the hotel has really great breakfasts and is well under your price range. I was looking for something a little nicer with a pool, and this definitely fit the bill.
Have fun on Naxos!

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Hi Andrew ... As we say often on this forum, in september the BEST place to be is at St. George (Ag. Giorgios) beach, because you get a lovely beach view, it's quiet by night, but just a 10-15 minute walk to the attractions of cafes, tavernas, nightlife, museum, shopping etc etc. There's only one problem -- Noplace in Naxos will cost at much as $300 per night! That's the kind of problem we like, hey! In St. George, there really are only 3 upscale hotels -- all have pools, amenities, uniformed staff, that kind of thing. This
SKYMAP - gives a pretty good birds-eye view of town & beach ( you can move the map around -- not complete on hotels of course because it only names hotels that pay for inclusion! But all 3 of these do.

• NISSAKI HOTEL, at he very closest end of beach, on "the Point" , is quickest walk to town. Very attractive and of course superhandy (see its website). The only reported drawbacks are (1) not many of rooms excpt top suites have a full sea view, (2) it has small "beachfront" but in fact, it's not a good place to go into the water... so you have to walk about 100 yards down the beach and (3) this is just my personal opinion; they put the pool in after they built the hotel, so it's kind of wedged between 2 wings, just a pool surrounded by cement, no landscaping (a bit motell-y for an upscale place) But it gets excellent reviews.

• NAXOS RESORT BEACH HOTEL is toward other end of beach, is back from sands about 100 yards but has grassy frontage in between & nice greenery around the pool.
• GALAXY HOTEL, mentioned above, is next to it, a bit back from beach, fronts on busy road but back of hotel is toward beach.

If you wish to visit other beaches, a bus goes hourly in September, takes from 20 minutes (Ag. Prokopios) to 30 minutes (Plaka). The main bus Starting point is by the ferry pier... but if you stay at Galaxy or Naxos Resort Beach, you can pick the bus up just a block or so away (I believe it stops on the corner across from the Police station; your hotel will know).

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See my reply on TA. St George beach is the place you want to be. While Galaxy is the furthest hotel from St George beach ( but still close) it is the nearest hotel to the bus stop Janet is referring to if you want to go to the west coast beaches, It is a 10 minute walk up a dusty road to the bus stop near the cinema on the main road. Unless you go early you will probably end up standing on the bus which departs from the ferry port in naxos town.
We always walk into Naxos town to get the bus at the port simply because standing on the bus hurts my knee,
You can buy bus tickets at the bakery near the cinema. Buy two sets of tickets one for the trip out and one for the return trip. Tickets cannot be purchased on the bus.
Also you need to come to terms with the fact that in Greece the euro is the currency. US dollars are not acceptable and you need to think in terms of Euros not $.

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Thank you for all the advice! My next question is about the length of our stay. Our options are to stay for 5 nights then 3 nights on another island or spend 8 nights on Naxos and take day trips to other islands such as Paros/Mykanos or any other islands within a 1.5 hour ferry ride.

Thank you!

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For me personally I find daytrips to be a frustrating waste of time. You have to keep one eye on the clock to make sure you don't miss your return ferry. Either pick one island for the whole time or split it between 2 islands and enjoy exploring them in depth.

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We liked Studios Kalergis on St George beach -- right on the sand with sunbeds at the adjoining snack bar, that we were able to use free last May. Nice to come home from a busy day & relax by the sea.

I agree with Lee on day trips. I'd suggest 5 nights on Naxos and 3 nights on either Antiparos or Amorgos. We visited both in May and loved them both. Either would give you a totally different experience from Naxos. Antiparos would be a little easier logistically.