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Hotels in Athens

Hi All,
We are travleing to Athens in early May. My husband will be there for work and I will be exploring. We would like to be in central Athens to be walkable, possibly around the Plaka or Monastriaki. Does anyone have recommendations on a hotel you loved? We are looking for 4-5 Star hotels that are in a relatively safe neighborhood and are nice and clean. Because I will be on my own during the day and early evenings, safety is a concern. I'm a pretty seasoned traveler (and speak Greek) but don't want to tempt fate too much. :)

Thanks for any help!

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Check the Attalos Hotel and the Amazon Hotel.

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We enjoyed the Plaka Hotel with a rooftop terrace with view of the Acropolis. Would stay there again for sure.

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We stayed several nights last fall at the Herodion, about a block from the Acropolis Museum. It was clean and comfortable, with a very good breakfast and a friendly comfortable bar in the evenings. Also a rooftop restaurant with a view of the Parthenon to the north and the statues that used to be on it, not in the Acropolis Museum, to the east. They have a sister hotel, the Philippos, nearby. We didn't see it but heard good things about it.

The Herodion's neighborhood, like most of Athens, is safe. I wouldn't worry much about safety anywhere around the Acropolis. Just use normal city precautions.

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Sgeranios, I've been in most major European & American cities, lived/worked in Manhattan 30+ years... and have NEver felt as safe in any of these, when solo, as I regularly do in Central Athens.... even late in Evening, in Plaka, Monastiraki neighborhoods. Greeks are an up-late society, streets always filled with pedestrians. You will love it in May!!

As for hotel recommends, Attalos is a nice budget alternative but IMHO v. near Monastiraki Square which can be VERY crowded & full of socializing youth of all nations; very jolly but noisy & crowded. Amazon hotel, right off Syntagma Square, may be full. It is actually a Best Western but not US-built -- in a Traditional Greek building, yay. If looking for a bit more serenity, I suggest taking a look on the SOUTH side of Acropolis (Heres a fab map: -- click and it gets huuuge!). On map u will notice some streets are green & cross-hatched = pedestianized... many adjoining streets are also narrow and essentially car-free lanes. The wide "promenade" running along S. Side of Acropolis is wonderful for strolling ... in early evening the greek locals push their stroller there, children ride trikes, balloon men, lovely in May. Serene yet festive.

On Map #24 is New Acropolis Museum several good hotels nearby. It is already a bit late to get the best-located hotels --- when I checked "" just now for dates of May 9 -14, almost all of best hotels in best locales are almost sold out ... so hunt & book TODAY. THE best, a 5-star boutique but doubtless sold out, is Hotel AVA, on Lyskikrates Street, just off promenade (Contact direct, i don't think they use online agencies). Another just s. of Promenade on tiny Makri Street is Airotel Parthenon hotel, some lovely hi floor rooms w. balcony. Just behind/or to Left of Museum area, 1st class Hotel Herodion, w rooftop superb parthenon view & some hi floors w. same ( shows 1 or 2 rooms for above dates). A block or so away, its sister Hotel Herodion, also usually has some hi floor premium rooms w. view balconies. Also well located in Plaka, Rick Steves' usual recommend (which rate-zoomed with the RS push!) is Electra Palace. I suggest you try for all the latter simultaneously. If says "sold out on our site," that doesn't mean totally full; the hotel often has some rooms it doesn't put on an agency site. try Direct.
And good luck!!!

You will certainly enjoy a week in Athens, playing while husband toil!. DO invest in homework: RS' book is v. good on Athens AND offers a D-i-Y of Acropolis, Agora, Acrop. Museum etc. His Website also offers FREE download audio DIY to your Ipod or other device. I find that Rough Guide to Greece has superb. details of Athens sites. Great to print & take is a basic list of All Athens main museums & sites: Good on hours but not up-dated on the increased admissions - use this: Yes, much higher but Greek sights have been way underpriced for years; this still doesn't reach level of London/Paris admissions. ENJOY!!

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I second Susan's recommendation of the Plaka Hotel. I doubt you would consider it 4 or 5 star but it is very nice, well situated, in a safe area and close to good restaurants.

I note you mention you want a hotel that is "nice and clean". The word "clean" comes up a lot from people looking for hotel recommendations in Europe. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has actually stayed at a dirty hotel in Europe or the UK. I guess I have stayed at 30 or 40 hotels over the years in Europe, some of them quite down market and last minute choices, but they have all been clean.

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Love love love the Airotel Parthenon Hotel. The street is quiet, it's close to a metro stop and you can walk to all of the highlights of Athens within 10 minutes. We've stayed in this hotel several times and love everything about it. Ask them if the special room on the 7th floor is available. It has a rooftop of its own with unobstructed views of the Acropolis.

EDIT: the address of this hotel is Makri 6. When I look at the Airotel website I see that they have this hotel's address linked to another one of their hotels in Athens which isn't centrally located.

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I do agree with Norma, being puzzled by frequent inquiries from Greece newcomers about cleanliness ... I frequently read threads about London and Paris from newcomers, and they never express concern about cleanliness in those European Capitals. Athens is not the Far East, nor the Near East... it is a Major European Capital.

As for NOrma's hotel pick, Plaka Hotel is perfectly fine, tho the main Acropolis view is from its breakfast terrace. It's not a "star" hotel (but then, Athens does not have as many hotels on the super-luxe level as other capitals, perhaps because it has fewer highly affluent visitors). My hesitance about Plaka is merely one of ambience on its particular block. To reach it, you walk along Metropolis a narrow but very busy-traffic main route between Syntagma Square and Monastiraki. Alas some of the economy problems have resulted in business closures on that stretch -- in the Plaka block, there are several closed-down shops, with steel-shutter fronts covered with graffiti. The Hotel entrance is 30 feet or so in from Metropoleos, on a side street, and once inside, it is very attractive. It's just that the approach can be a bit of a downer. Not the same situation in the South-of-Acropolis streets I cited.

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Thanks to all who've provided suggestions. This is really helpful!

I would like to clarify my cleaniness comment. I in no way mean to imply that Athens is a dirty city or that it's a 3rd world country. I've been there before but it's been over 20 years and things change in terms of where to stay. I'm thrilled to be returning. We spent several weeks last summer in Spain and while we had an amazing time, two of our hotels had bugs. Now, I'm not so naive to think they aren't there, but I don't necessarily want to see them in my hotel room. That is what I mean by "clean."

Thanks again!

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We always stay at the Attalos Hotel on Athinas St. While it's not a 4-5 star hotel it's one of the best budget hotels in Athens. It's central location makes it ideal for seeing everything one goes to Athens for. The rooftop bar is outstanding with fabulous views of the Acropolis and all of Athens. A short walk to the Central Markets which are a must for any tourist, except most tourists don't go there. It's where the locals and restaurant owners go for their daily food.

It's close to Monistiraki Square, the Plaka, Psiri District and has 24/7 reception.

It' can be a little noisy so always ask for the quietest room available at your budget.

There are many other accommodations throughout Athens that are clean, safe and centrally located and in a budget for everyone, but the Attalos is my favorite.

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We normally stay at Attalos as well. It is not a high end hotel but is clean and centrally located and the view from the rooftop bar is incredible. Some of the rooms have Acropolis views from the balcony.

Here are some images of central Athens. it is all an easy walk from Attalos. The central area is actually fairly small so most hotels in that area are an easy walk. Just look for one with an acropolis view.
Here are images of Athens. Towards the end of the album you will see an image taken from the rooftop bar.

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Another vote for the Attalos. It's where we always stay if we are only in Athens for a night or two.

You might also look at the Art Gallery Hotel

It's fairly plain but is a small family run place slightly outside the main tourist area but still only 5 minutes walk from the pedestrian promenade around the Acropolis. It's also less than 5 minutes to Syngrou Fix metro station and trolleys into the centre pass the bottom of the street. The square between the metro station and the hotel has a number of pleasant cafes which might fit the bill if you want to sit out on your own in the afternoon and early evening. The whole area has a more relaxed and neighbourhood feel but is still very close to the Acropolis and Acropolis Museum.

If you are there for more than a couple of nights it might be worth considering an apartment. We use airbnb a lot in Athens and have never been disappointed. They have a number of places in Ano Petralona, for example. It's a nice up and coming area close to the centre with a number of good restaurants. Or, if you want to go up market, they have places in Kolonaki with good views.

Have a great trip.