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Hotel recommendation for Hydra and Santorini?

Any recommendations for hotels in Hydra or Santorini? Thank you!

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On Hydra you could have a look at Hotel Leto. I found it to be a very comfortable hotel, and it's reasonably close to the harbour so you can walk.

On Santorini you'll first have to decide which part of the island you want to stay, and the two main choices are Fira and Oia. I chose to stay in Fira at the Nissos Thira Hotel and it was very comfortable. However, I'd recommend asking for a room at the back, as those facing the street can be a bit "noisy".

If this is your first trip to Greece, you'll need to get used to the idea of drinking bottled water in both locations. You'll also have to adhere to somewhat different "bathroom customs" (ie: flushing of TP) than you're probably used to at home.

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It's important for us to know your travel dates and your maximum daily room budget IN EURO before any appropriate hotel recommendations can be offered. Room rates change as the season progresses and accomodations on Santorini range from €25-1600/night, so not knowing what you're willing to spend makes it impossible to assist you with any degree of accuracy. Also, do more research for Santorini and decide which village works best for you, then get back to us.

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Here's another good idea: people ask questions, some people answer them (whatever the question is asked), some people don't like to do that (or want more info, whatever). Instead of taking your "option" I'd rather help first-timers like robdeeruark get the most 'bang for the buck' by letting them know that the more information they initially provide about their travel plans the better assistance they will receive. As off-putting as it may be for you it's at least equally as frustrating for someone like me (who also enjoys the fun of passing on information gathered over many years of travel experience) who's willing to take the time to do some research for the poster based on information received, to not have enough pertinent facts to be of any use, when with just a little more forethought someone who makes an inquiry can reap the benefits of that experience. It pops up on many threads for a good reason. Respectfully, look beyond what you perceive as rude and you'll see that what I've done is reasonable. I have only explained the way the price structure changes and the spectrum of room rates available. Asking which village on the island has been selected eliminates a lot of wasted time and misinformation. This is basic stuff. Otherwise it might as well be, "I'm going to Europe. What's the name of a good restaurant?"

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Hilarious irony. Then I guess we'll agree to disagree.

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If you've not used the Search capabilities of the RS web site, you're failing to take advantage of a lot of good info written by the RS ETBD team or comments, etc. prepared by fellow posters.
my suggestion would always be to BUY the RS Guide first; SEARCH the web site next; and, post questions third.
A case in point: while I am certainly not a destiation expert on Greece like Lee or Janet (and, forgive me for leaving out others), I did take a bit of time to write up my thoughts after a recent trip report ("Greece - early Summer 2014"); please take a look and I hope you will find one or two "nuggets" useful for your planning (sorry but I've yet to learn how to embed a link to page within the RS web site).
Happy and safe travels.

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On our RS Greece tour last year we stayed at Hotel Leto on Hydra and loved it. It was an easy walk from the ferry, we had a lovely room, there is a nice garden area for breakfast or just taking a break . There are some options outside of town if your looking for something more secluded.

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We enjoyed our stay at 'Apartments Gaby', located in Firostefani a few minutes from Fira, Santorini.

We were there at the end of September a few years ago & got a great deal on the price.

We stayed in the front apartment, right on the caldera-edge path & had amazing views!

I wish I could post the sunset pics I took from our window!

Here is the link:

(be patient, it took my computer a bit longer to open this link)

BTW, when is your trip?

Enjoy your trip!