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Hotel in Naxos with view, beach, pool and walking distance to restaurants

Hi Everyone! I am planning a trip to Greece this summer (mid-June) with my husband and two teenagers. We will spend 4 nights in Naxos. I don't want to rent a car, I find driving in a new location stressful. I am looking for a hotel with a pool, near the beach, a view would be great, and that has restaurants nearby so we can walk. I would love the Saint George beach area but am very open to suggestions.
Is it challenging to get taxis in Naxos?

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The main village of Naxos is small. We were there for 4 days, flew in and the hotel picked us up at the airport. We walked from one end of the town to the other so I’m not sure the need for a taxi. We stayed up on a hill overlooking the Portara so I don’t have a recommendation for a beachside hotel, maybe someone else can give you theirs. Or check with to see what’s available for your time period. We did a personalized tour to see the whole island…beautiful place with friendly and helpful locals.

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Most of the hotels at St George beach do not have pools. Why bother the beach is right there. I know Naxos Resort has a pool so does Nissaki and Galaxy. Do your research on hotels on booking,com
Most of the tavernas are in Naxos town just a 10 minute stroll along the seaside headland walk.

The taxi rank is at the ferry port in Naxos town. They are radio taxis so you can call them for a ride. We just ask our hotel to call a taxi for us. Every hotel has a favourite driver they use most often.

Naxos has a good bus system. The bus stop for the west coast beaches are a couple hundred meters from the police station at the south end of St George built up area. We often walk to the port to get the bus because the bus is often pretty full wune it reachs the St George stop.
There are lovely mountain villages well serviced by the local bus system. Last time we were there the bus company KTEL had 3 different day tours around the island. No need for a car.
There are easy hikes particularly around the village of Chalki,
Here are some images
Naxos 2022.
Naxos town 2022

Trip around Naxos
Hike around Chalki
Hike around Chalki

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In September, 2019 we stayed at Naxos Resort. The room was nothing special ( and I peeked at current TA reviews where someone posted that the family room was awful but Galaxy was great). Naxos Resort does have a very nice large pool with an outside bar and loungers which were snapped up fast. The breakfast was good and varied and you could eat outside by the pool. There was a gate by the pool that took you straight to the beach past chairs for rent in one minute. The water was very warm and clear (Sept) , bouyant with no real waves and a pretty view back at the beach with cafes. The front desk was professional and nice helping us with a ferry strike. For no fee they picked us up in their shuttle at the ferry from Mykonos and took us to the ferry when we continued on to Paros. There was a nice little grocery store and lots of good restaurants and cafes within a short walk. We also walked to the sights in town and it was enjoyable. We took the bus to the large beach (sorry name?) with real waves your teens would like and had a casual lunch under an umbrella and it was fun but to take the bus was a process as they all passed our stop and they were filling up in town. The return was easier. This was our experience in 2019. Loved Naxos

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I have not been to Naxos, but several islands in different parts of Greece. My general advice is not to use the hotel pool. As mentioned, the beach is there and there is no need to swim in chlorinated water. Also, in my visits, I found that all hotel pools were quite cold.

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Thank you so much to everyone who replied! I really appreciate all of the input.
The reason I would like a pool is because sometimes after a long day of sightseeing, my teenagers like to relax at the pool for a bit before we get ready for dinner. I am considering the Naxos Resort but it doesn't look like the rooms have a nice view. I am also considering a resort right by the beach in Plaka, but I am concerned about being able to get into town conveniently without a car - any thoughts on that? I really don't want to have to get on a bus every night to go to dinner but if it is easy to get taxis, then that would help me decide.
Thanks again!

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There are taxis available. Your hotel can call and have a taxi pick you up. From Plaka it is probably 20 euros. There are regular buses on the round trip Naxos town to Plaka. Once an hour in the early season and twice an hour in high season.

St George beach area was developed 30 years ago and hotels with a pool were pretty much not part of the plan. There are a few with pools now, Galaxy, Naxos resort, and Nissaki. Just behind Naxos resort is Spiros its top floor rooms have a good view of the sea and it has a pool.
Requiring a pool drastically reduces your choices. However there are beach bars at St George. Before dinner you can relax in their chairs with a drink. Problem solved.
There are tavernas at St George but Naxos town is a short 10 minute stroll around the headland. There are lots of really good tavernas there.

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We stayed at the Hotel Grotta.

Nice rooms, amazing breakfast, wonderful staff. It's right outside the main town area - a quick walk. You can see the water from at least some of the rooms - we had a great view.

You might need two rooms for the four of you but it's an extremely inexpensive hotel so it should work.

One note - there is a pool but it's indoors.