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Hotel in Chania on Crete

We are looking for a hotel for a few days stay in Chania in June. We like to be centrally located in the old part of a city, close to restaurants and sights, and we generally choose small, family-run hotels or B&Bs. We stay in pretty inexpensive places (100 euro/night or less, and often much less), although we do like to have an ensuite bathroom (a change from the backpacking days of our youth!). We have been looking at two options in Chania and would like any opinions or comparisons:

Thereza, west of Halidhon, near the Naval Museum

Kasteli, east of Halidhon

What are the main differences/advantages/disadvantages in being in the area east of or west of Halidhon?

The Thereza is variously described as older and charming or "run-down" with a great view. We like charm and views, not too run-down. But is the location too far from central?

The Kasteli is described as more modern. Is the location significantly better??

Many thanks for any tips or even alternative suggestions.

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They are both very central in Chania , both within the old town & only a few minutes from each other, both just a couple of minutes stroll to the harbour. Possibly better harbour views from the Teresa. Really no difference for position in my opinion. You might want to check as there is a Kasteli hotel, a Kasteli suites & Kasteli apartments (possibly all belonging to the same family as they are all near each other, I believe!). There are many places like the Teresa - renovated houses turned into rooms with bathrooms. Many well under your budget. Take a look at accommodation on Theotokopoulou St. The Jason/ Iason & Natalie's Cretan rooms always get good reviews. You could go a little more upmarket to somewhere like the Amphora, often still under E100, gorgeous, charming, elegant, a little more sophisticated & harbour views.

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I have stayed in a number of places on Theotokopoulu street, there are almost literally dozens of choices ... some are quite organized, others cannot be booked ahead because they simply have signs out: "Rooms.". Here are a few, all are renovated former Venetian townhouse/mansions , all moderately priced, starting with closest to the seafront end, with front-balcony views:
• HOTEL HERA - 1st place on Left as u walk up the ramp from the seafront carpark. Only 3 units I think; a room, a 1-br, a 2-br. balconies, kitchenette.
• CASA di PIETRA 1st on the Right, coming up from seafront. about 4-5 rooms; 2 have front balconies; all have fridges & coffeemakers. Owner also has vineyards, keeps cask of current vino over his desk, is lavish with samples!
• PALAZZO HOTEL - -- the next hotel to HERA> I've stayed here happily 2 times, an attractive renovated mansion, with balconies & roof terrace. However, the website now says Re-opening March 2017 as member of Elia Hotels Group. So I guess the longtime owner, lovely woman, sold it or died. I feared some awful "super-luxe" thing (gold faucets, bed canopies, €€€) but the new website photos just show upgraded furnishings The prices have gone up; they now list prices for ONE person in room and note €20 for additional room. Thus rate in Middle season (june) for "Superior balcony room" for 2 persons, formerly about €65, now €85.... Still, it's the nicest of the 3 here.
• PENSION NORA - -- about 100 yards down the street this place is beloved of Forum regular "stanbr." If available, nice balconies overlooking the lane, kitchenettes, very friendly proprietors. They have 2 buildings. VERY reasonable.

As another said, there are numerous modest-priced places, Jason Studios etc... I would favor rooms on or just off Theotokopoulu street rather than inthe Kastelli area back from harbour ... just nicer, NO traffic.

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Sue Ann -- the Penny just dropped ... It's YOU! and RICHARD!! I KNEW that Greece would cast its spell!! Remember the Naxos fun in 2010? And the adventure we led you on, in Nafplio?? So glad you are doing it again! Remember Mary Ellen, my sidekick? She left snowy CT behind and has built herself a house on the Big Island in Hawaii. Good times ... click my name & we'll catch up on stuff.

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I stayed at Pension Jason (Iason) just off Theotokopolou St. in a quiet, out-of-the-way spot but just steps to Theotokopolou St. and the waterfront. Budget friendly studio with kitchenette, table and chairs, double bed, good size bathroom and French doors opening up to a small balcony overlooking an alleyway with lovely views of Venetian era buildings.

Nice owner, good price, room cleaned daily . . . what more could you want. Save your money on more important things . . . Greek Food!

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I posted links to some albums yesterday but it appears Flickr wasn't working. for any of you who tried to access the links and couldn't I can tell you that they are now working.

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Thank you so much to everyone for the helpful information!

I think we will definitely take a look at all the hotel names and links for Theotokopoulou Street! It sounds like the kind of place we want to be. Stanbr, I enjoyed seeing your photos and was impressed by the beauty and creativity with which you captured even the ordinary!

Yes, Janet, it is Richard and I. I have seen your name responding to a number of threads and wondered if you would remember us. Your suggestions were really helpful in planning our trip in 2010, and it was interesting to cross paths and share some adventures while we were there. Thanks for the update on Mary Ellen! I will send you a private message.

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We have booked at Pension Nora, the Cretan House, on Theo St, which sounds perfect. Thanks for your suggestions!