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Hiking in Amorgos

I am leaving for Greece in two days! One of our destinations is Amorgos, where we will spend most of our time at the resort, but an organized hike is included. Do I need hiking boots? I have sturdy sports sandals that will work for a casual hike (I can walk for miles in sandals without any issues), but I am reading that Amorgos is known for its hiking and I question if my shoes will suffice? The last thing I want to do is squeeze boots in my already packed (and near the weight limit) bag for the one activity, but I also don't want to get hurt if the hiking is more intense than I anticipated!

Has anyone hiked in Amorgos? What would you recommend?

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I have not, but I always like to learn more about hiking destinations so of course I clicked. I have hiked in the Mediterranean on many occasions.
Based on my experience and this:, I think a sturdy hiking sandal like a Keen/Teva would be passable, hiking boots not required, but I would definitely consider putting a closed toe walking shoe in your bag. (The site recommends ankle protection, but you can see a guy wearing hiking sandals in one of the pics). Nothing is worse than stubbing a toe or getting a scratch on a thorny vine, things that can happen in a scrubby, rocky environment.
If you were going to be hiking elsewhere on the trip, I would have recommended boots.
But hopefully someone with direct experience will chime in over the next day!

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i have hiked in Amorgos a few years back with hiking company --Wilderness Travels--you might want to take a look at their Greek Isles hike--the full itinerary outlines the hikes we did--you don't say which hike you will do. All our hikes were on some rocky trails and I was glad i brought my hiking poles. I wore low hiking boots but you could possibly use good trail running shoes as well. The views were fantastic. Have a great time!

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I practiced hiking on Amorgos
You will need good shoes but not necessarily special shoes for walking. It all depends on the hike that is planned but I guess the organized walk will not be very difficult.
If your hotel is located in Aegiali I assume you will hike northeast towards Lagada, Tholaria.
The paths are not difficult but are often rocky and sloping. Wear pants (no bermuda shorts) there is not much vegetation but it can hurt your legs.