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Hiking gear for Crete / Santorini?

We'll be visiting Crete and Santorini for 3-5 days this summer and plan on spending a lot of time hiking and exploring. (Hiking the gorge on Crete, lots of beaches, etc.)

I usually like to bring backpacking chairs / hammocks with me on treks, so I will have comfy places to sit or relax.

Would you / would you not recommend bringing a small compact chair / hammock?

Any other outdoor gear you would / wouldn't recommend?

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As a fellow hiker/backpacker also planning to hike on Crete and Santorini this summer, I have a hard time imagining carrying anything to sit on because I usually carry only the bare necessities: water, sunscreen, sun hat, long sleeve layer. But the chairs (Im guessing you mean the ones that look like pads but have straps on the side that hold them in a seat position) don't weigh much, so you could carry these. Samaria gorge takes several hours to hike. Depends how much extra you want in your backpack

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I hope you mean 3-5 days on each island. Otherwise you'll be spending too much of your time in transit from one to the other. If it's 3-5 days total, choose one island not two. Both have good hiking options.

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3-5 days for one island. Two islands is possible but extremely rushed.

Go with bare necessities.