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Highest elevation for the Athens, Heart of Greece tour

Can someone please tell me what is the highest elevation we will be at on the 14 day tour. Thanks!

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If your concern is altitude sickness, it is never that high. I have not done the research, but I would be surprised if it is as much as 3000 ft

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Delphi is an overnight - elev. ~2000'
Lagkadia is an overnight - elev. ~3000'

I got the info by looking at the tour route and itinerary and googling the inland locations. Everything else is on or near the coast.

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The effective percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere at sea level is 20.9%. The value at 3000 feet is 18.6% or a change of about 11%. If there is a health concern over hypoxia at these altitudes, the person involved should consider traveling at all. I couldn't find a handy chart,but there are publications listing the cabin oxygen while flying commercially as low as 15.2%