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Help with Santorini itinerary

I'm going to Greece for my honeymoon and need some help for the Santorini portion of our trip. We are going to Milos (3 nights), Santorini (3 nights), Paros (3 nights), Nafplio (3 nights) and Athens (4 nights).

This is my itinerary so far, it seems like this will be a more chill/relaxing part of our trip. My fiancée also wants a Santorini photoshoot, couples massage and other hotel amenities. We are staying in Oia at a cheaper hotel for 1 night, then an expensive one (got for free with points) for 2 nights. They are a 5 min walk from each other.

Day 1:
- Get to hotel and check-in around 12pm
- Explore Fira, Oia, Ammoudi Bay
- Dinner for my birthday in Oia (My fiancee is keeping the place a surprise but it is in Oia)

Day 2:
- Honeymoon photoshoot at 6:15am (should last until 8am)
- Don't know what I could fit here between 8am to 2pm (Looking for suggestions!)
- Sunset cruise, picking us up from hotel at 2:00-2:15pm and we will return 9:00-9:30pm
- Relax in our hotel room hot tub

Day 3:
- Hike from Oia to Fira starting in the early morning to avoid the heat
- Lunch in Fira
- Can maybe add something else here, idk
- Use our hotel amenities (infinity pool, hot tub, couples massage)
- Oia sunset

Does this itinerary look good and are there any changes/suggestions you guys have?

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After we hiked from Oia to Fira and took the bus back to Oia, we went to Amoudi Bay, just below Oia. There our twenty something adult children jumped off the "cliff" into the water. It might be something you would enjoy that would fit into your schedule.

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I can suggest a couple favorite restaurants on Santorini. In Fira we enjoyed Lunch (and dinner
the next night) at Stani. We made a reservation for dinner with a view table at Sunset. Lovely Caldera view.

We were staying in Firostefani and highly recommend Aktaion Tavern. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary this year! They also have view tables. We made reservations and ate their twice.


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If I were to return to Santorini, I would definitely book a stay in Firostefani. Easy walk back Fira, if desired. Quiet, yet things to see and do. On this trip we have stayed both in Fira and Oia. Santorini is crowded so try to find ways to enjoy it avoiding the mass tourism it clearly experiences, and this is only June!

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We just returned from Santorini (end of May) and you'll love it! It's hot and humid so be prepared (not sure when you're going). Having lived in the south we were shocked at how humid it was!! I think "less is more" isn't a bad way to go if it's crazy hot. The hike from Oia to Fira is long and full sun exposure so be sure to go as early as you're able and have sun protection. We had lunch at Volkan on the Rocks and they had the best Greek Salad of all the places we tried. Great views, shaded and good ambiance. If you happen to get to Fira early and want brunch...Cafe Galini was so, so cute. Great food too. Very charming. Fira has tons of shops to wander in if you want to shop. It's different from Oia...not as fancy. If you wanted to book a wine tasting, you could head out from Fira via taxi. We went to Venetsantos and it was great. Make a reservation though. Beautiful views and really nice wine. Overall, relax and sit back and enjoy the views. We thought hanging at our pool and taking in the views was the best attraction on the island. Have a great time!

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You don't say when you will be there, so I dont know how hot it will be. But I suggest you hike from Fira to Oia so you're not continually facing into the sun and you can go back to your lodging if you need to refresh. I'm guessing you won't have a car, so the first day do Oia to get your bearings and not both Oia and Fira. There will be crowds going from Fira to Oia in the afternoon/evening.

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A couple of things I suggest doing:

1) The excavation at Akrotiri. It is covered to keep out the sun.

2) There are numerous wineries on Santorini offering tours and tasting. I went to Estate Argyros. The wine was very food.

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Just back from Greece with 3 days in Santorini staying in Fira. Both Fira and Oia get crowded by cruise passengers in late morning and afternoon (use to know how many in port on your days). Try to do walk as early as possible from Fira to Oia as limited shade and less hikers as well. Enjoyed Akitori archeological site under cover, and could get there by bus via Fira. We liked Pygros in afternoon with no crowds on busy cruise port day, with drinks looking across the whole island from bar Cafe at castle. See great advice from Sebastián at Santorini Explained ( that Rick also recommends, who does a great tour of Oia after sunset via airbnb - our photos are amazing of Oia at night with no crowds.