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Heart of Greece Trip, How Strenuous?

For those who have taken the Athens & Heart of Greece trip. Which day was the most strenuous or physically demanding?

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We took the tour several years ago. Looking at the day to day itinerary I would say the description is accurate. It is an active tour. Some days involve uneven terrain, slippery rocks and stairs. We were prepared and walked 5-10 miles during the tour. We are used to walking several miles daily at home. We arrived 2 days early and visited areas not included on the tour. If you are concerned with something that is physically demanding you can opt out. Some of us chose to hike extra more than others. All in all it was one of our favorite tours!

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Thanks for the quick reply, but I was really asking which day of the itinerary (or place visited) was the most strenuous and physically demanding for YOU.

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O.K. so here was our experience…

I thought the Acropolis was going to be strenuous and had some trepidation, especially because some online reviews made it seem very difficult. It was a uphill walk from the hotel and then an uphill climb to the site, but the tour guide and local guide took it in stages, so it turned out not to be difficult. Just watch your footing at the top.

Delphi could have been strenuous as another uphill site, but again it was broken up. My husband decided not to go all the way up and people did that on their own.

Mystras was actually the most strenuous for us because the walking was downhill on uneven steps and walkway. But, it wasn’t that much actual walking.

There was a lot of walking, but it much of it was flat or taken in stages. There were optional things that were strenuous, like climbing Monemvasia and the fort at Napflio, but we opted out of those.

I hope this helps.