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Very interesting. We'll be in Greece during October so will inquire about the 20% discount. We've already booked hotels in Athens but have not heard anything about a discount. We are familiar with shopping in Greece since we go every October. The news article was very limited in info. Do we have to info the shop owners we are from the US to get the discount?

I feel Greece is already one of the best bargains for tourists in Europe especially during the off-season when prices are already low. While I am not averse to saving money I don't want to take advantage of Greeks during this very difficult economic time.

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I did a little more research and it appears we are to get 20% off hotel rooms and flights in Greece too, not just store purchases. I'm not sure how this will work as my flights in Greece are paid for and a few hotel stays too. The incentive appears to be brand spanking new. I'm guessing passports will need to be presented for the discount?
The discount will definitely entice me to buy pricier items I would not have considered beforehand, like jewelry.

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Has anyone had more experience on how this works, or how to go about receiving the discount? The idea that hotels, transportation, shopping (nearly everything), could be 20% off is very exciting!