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Greek islands in Oct.

We are going to Greece on Oct.5 and planning to spend 3 days on an island and 2 days in Athens before flying out to Israel. We were thinking of going to Chania in Crete but was wondering what other island should we consider instead where it will be warm enough to swim, have some sand beaches, be interesting but not overrun with tourists, have an authentic feel and not take too long to get to by plane or ferry.
We had initially decide on Crete as we thought the location might be warmer. Also, someone had told us that some of the islands we were considering like Naxos might be too quiet/not have many places open due to it being the end of the season. (I have been to Myconos and Skiathos so I am interested in a different island)

Thanks for your help!

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The most popular islands will still be "open for business" in Early October, including Naxos and Paros. The tourist season now extends into November.

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Naxos doesn't close up the way many islands do as they have a healthy year round population , it's not just all tourism there !

As for warmth , I would say it will be lovely , we spent two weeks on islands from last sept through first week in October and we considered it great weather ( we don't hot hot hot , but are happy with 75-78 ) . Water will be warmer in early October than May or early June

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October is our favorite time to go to Greece, less tourists, lower prices and still nice weather . . . you can even take a dip in the Aegean!

Lots of options on islands depending on your tastes, budget, & interests. Even the Big Name islands will be less crowded but some still feel they are too crowded even then (me!)

I like Sifnos, Milos, Naxos, Amorgos, Tinos, Astypalea, Kythira, Ikaria, Small Cyclades, Fourni and lots more lesser known and less-touristy islands, too many too mention.

Just because it's off season doesn't mean everything closes . . . there'll always be shops, markets and tavernas open for locals which will give you a more "Greek" experience rather than a touristy experience.

Check out Matt's Greek Island Guide for more info: