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Greek Island Trip

I am really debating about how long to spend in the greek island (end of august early September 2017)
We will also be visiting family in London (4 nights), Coventry (3 or 4 nights) and then we will do some time in Paris (4 or 5 nights)

I was debating about doing a few greek islands and then Dubrovnik and Split.

But now I am wondering if we would be missing out and maybe it would be better to do Croatia on another trip.

Mykonos (4 or 5 nights) and Santorini (3 nights) are my musts but I have been debating about on or two smaller islands as well.

I will have about a month.

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Greece has plenty to see, so I would feel very comfortable to narrow your focus and save Croatia for later. It's not been particularly easy to get between Greece and Croatia for years, although I think a better flight option was introduced recently; try

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that seems to be my struggle is finding flights that go between the two.