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Greek Independence Day in Delphi

My RS tour arrives in Delphi on Greek Independence Day. Apparently our visit to the museum and ancient sites has to be rearranged since they will be closed on the day we would normally visit them due to the holiday. Aside from the site visits, does anyone know what kind of festive celebrations may occur in Delphi on Greek Independence Day?

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Why don't you ask the RS Tour official? If they're going to stick you in Delphi on a day when you can't do the main thing you are going there for, they had better be figuring out something interesting for you to do!

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I did exchange emails with the office. Apparently we will visit the museum and site the following morning. RS is pretty good at making itinerary changes due to holidays, strikes, severe weather, etc. "Bend like the willow" an Italy guide once told us. Sound travel advice.

I'm sure it will work out. I expect to get some communication in the near future describing the itinerary modification.

I'm curious as to whether there will be a celebration in Delphi the day/night we are there.

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Delphi is probably too small to have much, if anything, going on.

In larger places - I’ve been in Nafplio and in Kavala on Independence Day recently - there is a parade, mainly of schoolchildren. It’s a reasonably big deal with honour students getting to carry the flag for their contingent. In both places there was a marching band.

My guess, and it is only a guess, is that there will be parades in Itea and in Arachova. Both of these have schools and are reachable by local bus.


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One more point. 25th March is also Annunciation Day and there will be special church services.