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Greek Gulet Cruises

We are planning a Greece vacation September 2024 and would like to do an island hopping Gulet cruise. Any suggestions for a good company to contact? Not looking for Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos and we want to stay only in Greece, not Turkey.


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You might want to change the word "gulet" in your title and message. Gulet is a small Turkish ship, and the term is not used for Greek sailing boats. Considering the political strife between the two countries, you might have better results asking for a sailboat or a small cruising vessel.

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Your use of “gulet” is very confusing in connection to a post labeled Greece.
There is a company in Greece that offers cruises to a variety of Greek islands.

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Actually, while the word "Gulet" IS turkish, it has gained usage for NON-Turkish companies ... usually refers to small wooden vessels that do not venture long voyages on the open seas, but rather, skirt a sries of islands in a chain. Back about 20 years ago, many of thse outfits DId go along the Turkish border, stopping at ports there... now you see them doing these trips in the Ionian Islands or down the Dodecanese chain to Rhodes. Here's a link - What you should know is that essentially you charter one of these vessels, with a captain ... I think they sleep 4 or 6. So for just 2 oof you, this may be more than you want to spend ... Have you looked at the operations where you rent a CABIN in a larger sailing vessel? There are several companies that do the Cyclades,.. you fly/ferry to the starter isle (Paros, Syros whatever) and get on the boat there... They may go in a Flotilla from one isle to the next, along with other sailboats. Here are some links from a search about 4 years ago, don't know if theyr'e still active:

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Thanks for all the clarifications. While there are a number of companies advertising Gulet cruises in Greece and while that may be incorrect terminology, what I was really hoping for was some actual reviews or comments from folks who have used one of these companies for a cabin share.