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Greek Folkloric Dance Shows

We have two couples traveling to Greece in September, going first to Paros, then Naxos, Santorini and Athens at the end. Does anyone know of any places on any of the islands, or in Athens, that might have some traditional Greek dancing? It doesn't have to be a big show, just something to get a feel of the traditional dance and music. Thanks!

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NAXOS -- At least in High Season, Naxos has a weekly program up in the "Kastro" section in Naxos town, in the courtyard of t he Venetian Mansion. Sometimes it's just tradtional music (a trio of bouzouki, lyra etc), but often there is ALSO a local group that does traditional Naxian Dance. I remember seeing this at least a dozen years ago (I've been going to Naxos since '99)... I learned that it was started by a non-Naxian who was studying various Greek dances. She heard about Naxian dance but that "no one was doing it any more". According to the story, this person sought out those who knew the dances & then had them teach local teens, who became the troupe, dancing all summer. Google Naxos traditonal dances Venetian Museum (images) and you'll see tons of photos... if you wan tto find if the dances go in September, you might have to contact Venetian Museum directly.

ATHENS -- The BEST performance of tradtional greek dances hands down is the DORA STRATOU DANCE THEATRE in ATHENS... For years I longed to go but perfs dont start until June, and I was mostly there in May. Finally in 2013, I was able to go, and what a thrill. Outdoor amphitheatre... troupe of about 24 dancers -- Ithought actually that there were SCORES of dancers, becaus all the dances were from diffrent areas, with different costums -- then my companion figured out it was all the same bunch doing incredibly fast costume changes! Google Youtube Dora Stratou & you'll see . I just googled that the 2017 season closes Sept 24. I HOpe that's not too late for you.... it will be a memorable night!! If you CAN go, several tips: (1) Easy walk from the South side of Acropolis, down the pedestrian promenade & turn S. thru a wooded area. (2) HOWEVER - from your hotel get a tel # of a t axi company you can call, and arrange to meet you in the parking lot of the D. Stratou arena... we were without phone or wheels, and had a long dark walk to any street with taxis, and then the guy didn't know locatio of our hotel. (3) bring mosquito lotion. ENJOY!