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Greek ferries

We will traveling from Athens to Mykonos next year (no car). Would appreciate any advice or pointers on which ferry service to use.
Thanks in advance.

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Check out It's well known for being the go-to place for train travel but it also gives expert advice on ferry travels across Europe.

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To a degree, it matters not which service, but when you want to travel and type of boat. The best ferry is one leaving when you want to go and getting there when you want to get there. There are not oodles of options (a given day, maybe 2 ferry options, if your lucky 3, but maybe 1 or none) so you have to work with what is available. Then look at type of boat, there are the big and slow ones, comfortable, tend to run most any weather. then there are the fast and small ones, a joy if everything is calm, hell if there is any wind or waves at all, if there is an issue, then they may cancel. You do not mention time of year, that makes a difference. Way off season, one a couple times a week, high season (June thru August) lots of options.

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From the Greek mainland there are two ports that offer service to Mykonos. The main port is Piraeus, easily reached from central Athens by bus, taxi or Green Line Metro (Monastiraki Station or Omonia Station). The other port is Rafina, offering a shorter ride in the open sea, which is desirable if you book passage on a small highspeed ferry. You can get to Rafina by bus from Central Athens and by bus from the Athens Airport. Ferry schedules:

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No advice, just a general recommendation. I just returned home from Corfu. While there, I received a "heads up" text from our State Department warning of an impending ferry strike scheduled for a couple of days going forward. I received this notification because I had registered my trip with them. It didn't impact my plans as I was flying home but it definitely did a few folks with whom I was traveling. So, my recommendation? You might want to register your trip with them just so you'll have any relevant notifications, "just in case".