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Greek cruise advice please

I am hoping to get some opinions on Cruise ships with itineraries to the Greek Islands in mid June to early July this year. I have poured over the cruise critique web page and reviews, but just not getting a good feel for this.
The three companies I am looking at are Costa, MSC, and Royal Caribbean all for 7 days I am wanting to leave out of Venice, or Bari, Italy. I am not looking to go with the smaller companies such as Windstar, etc.
I have sailed with all of these companies before, Costa being my least favorite, but I am hopeful things have improved, because I am favoring their itinerary at the moment.
Has anyone sailed with any of these companies to Greece recently ?
I am in my 60's, and traveling with my adult son. I have been to Athens and Olympia on a previous cruise with Norwegian out of Venice, which was spectacular, we now want to get to see some of the other islands. I understand there will probably be a repeat of either of these cities on a cruise, and that's OK. I would also be thankful for suggestions for a smaller cruise line experience out of Greece itself.
The Itinerary is my top priority honestly.
Thank you very much for your help with this topic.

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Smaller cruise line in Greece, Variety Cruises. Also Road. Scholar has leased the Aegean Odyssey for the next three years. 350 passengers, a a
better look at the Greek Islands than those huge cruise ships you mentioned would give you. We had several good experiences on this ship in Greece.

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In addition to any replies you get here, you should look at Cruise Critic:

I'm not sure which section of their boards would be the best to ask your question, but on those boards are lots of people who have taken lots of cruises, so I'm sure you'll get a lot of useful information.

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Contact Fantasy Travel in Athens. Their services range from arranging bus tours to villa rentals to cruises out of Athens. I have only used for bus tours but found them very good.