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Greece with teens

Hello! We have ten days for a June trip with our 3 teens (15, 17 and 18), and are hoping to quickly make some island/hotel choices in lovely/charming central areas, but also with the ability for them to have some safe independent time in the evenings/night. We are considering Mykonos, Naxos and Paros? Happy to hear feedback, thank you!

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The 3 islands you are considering may meet your needs.

Naxos and Paros will have a more "family and beach" atmosphere and more possibilities for visiting the island than Mykonos, which is very popular with people who like to party in a gay friendly atmosphere and a typical "Greek island" environment, but also simply by tourists who want to spend a few days there.

Fares in Mykonos will also be higher than in the other two islands.

During a period of 10 days you could plan to visit 2 islands.
Note that these 3 islands have an airport with regular flights from Athens

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A really nice place will be Paxos with a combination of Corfu and maybe another of the Ionian Islands. I personally think it is safer from Mykonos from example for teens.Also it depends at which time of the year you plan your visit.

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THe Ionian isles and Paxos have their charms, and many fans ... especially for europeans and Brits who can return often to Greece at much lower cost and shorter journeys. however I'm thinking that OP is from N. America, just by writing style, and appears not to have done much research or prior background. In those cases, people often have an inner picture of the "typical Greek isle" based on posters and videos ... and that involves the iconic white-cube-blue-shutter look of the cycladic isles. When those folks encounter structures that look more Itallian, they are disappointed. Thus (tho its a cliche) I'd favor choosing a couple of Cycladic islands for this first visit.

Also, with teens, may be bettr to have islands with opportunity for hikes, water sports, active doings, rather than heavy on ancient history. Naxos is ideal, being very family-oriented, anad quite safe for adolescents to explore beaches & port town by day (as long as they have phones and are in regular touch with parents). I'd skip Mykonos just foro the really high prices -- and because you are starting VERY late with arrangements, the lodging prices will be high even if not yet High season. In ALL islands, beware of the airbnb or VRBO offerings -- that turn out to be Waaay inland and not close to bus routes. Do you want to spend your holiday driving the teens around, the way you have to the other 50 weeks of the year? I don't think so!

The basic Itinerary I'd suggest also involves €€€ -- but that's your penalty for starting so late, and having such a short stay, that you don't have time for the more economical -- but slow -- conventional ferrlies. What most of us suggest is, immediately upon landing in ATH, allow 2-hr in between, then if possible, book a flight to y our first island... then ferry to the 2nd -- then FLY back to ATH. Yes that's right, just 2 islands. I'd suggest NAXOS & PAROS ... which one first depends entirely on which has flight availability on your ararival day without having to hang at airport for hours. I'd suggest 4 days Naxos, 3 days Paros (or ANTIPAROS!!),, then back to ATH For a 2-day whirlwind highlights of Famous Stuff. THat's only 9 days you say?? count on slippage. Good luck, get going!!!