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Greece visit/tour that includes Santorini/Mykonos

Hello all,
I am traveling for the first time to Greece Sept 2021. The R Steves' Greece 14 day tour does not include the two islands I would REALLY love to visit. Does anyone have suggestions on what to see that includes those two islands and other parts of Greece in 14/15 days?

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Fly into Naxos from Athens - or take ferry - then ferry to Mykonos - then ferry to Santorini . While in Naxos take ferry to Paros .

I’d spend 5 days on Naxos 4 days on Paros - 2 on Mykonos and 2 on santorini - fly back to Athens from santorini - or reverse order -

Make sure you arrange to be back in Athens at least the day BEFORE your flight home .

Mykonos is not my favourite island very touristy and over priced - Naxos and Paros are much cheaper and nicer .

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Hi Rosemary,

I have been researching Greece for quite a while, and have found this website quite useful:

In our case, we had a trip for 2020 that was starting in Rome, and ending in Paris. Our Rome stay was to be interrupted by a seven night cruise, in an itinerary that would take us to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini. Since we are having to reschedule, we have changed many things. We are now starting in Belgium and ending in Athens. We are flying from Rome to Athens. We are taking a seven night cruise, which has six port stops (Ephesus, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Milos and Mykonos). We are thinking of the ship as a hotel/transport and just focusing on the itinerary. After the cruise, we have two more nights in Athens before returning back home. Hopefully it will be safe to travel next year.

Good luck.

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Imprint Tours has a Greek Island tour that goes to Santorini. I’m not sure about Mykonos.

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It sounds like u are looking for an alternative to the RS tour? If yes then check out Smartours that does thIs , base out of NY city. They have tours that include mainland Greece and some Greek islands. I was delighted with their tour about 3 yrs ago. Included Santorini and Mykonos but no overnights just day visits. Well run and well priced.

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You do not need a tour to visit the islands. Poster Pat gives you a good itinerary including much better island choices than Santorini or Mykonos.