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🇹🇷Turkey/🇬🇷Greece itinerary…revised-Need an editor

4 nights Istanbul (Karakoy)
✈️Fly to Cappadocia
2 nights Cappadocia (balloon ride)
2 nights Urgup
1 Overnight tour for Pamukkale
Day tour Pamukkale (fly to Istanbul)
1 overnight airport stay Istanbul
✈️Fly to Chania
3 nights Chania (🚌bus Heraklion)
3 nights Heraklion (Takis Shelter 🐾🦮). Debating if I should rent a car? 🚘
🛳Ferry to Santorini
4 nights Santorini (Oia)
***not sure on this: ⛴ferry or ✈️fly to Athens
🛩Fly to Athens?
3 nights Athens (Plaka or Psiri? Also need help on which area I should lodge)
✈️Fly back home

Please will someone critique me? Thanks 🙏🏻

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Pamukkale is not a daytrip from Izmir. I think you would really enjoy the RickSteves Best of Turkey Tour. It covers everything you’re interested in.
Happy Travels!

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“ Fly from Chania to Heraklion or rent a car?” Take the bus, comfortable regular service in a motor coach style bus. Look up the timetable and fares under KTel Bus. Driving in Heraklion is not fun, narrow streets, one way systems,pedestrian only areas.

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Thank you for the bus tip. I agree that is a great suggestion. The only reason why I thought about a car was because I wanted to visit Takis shelter in Crete and I will need to rent a car to get there. But I can rent one once I land in Heraklion. Thanks for the suggestion!!!!

I considered taking the ferry from Crete to Santorini or from Athens to Crete last summer. One thing I learned was that the Greeks like to strike and ferries can be cancelled. So, if you just planning one day somewhere may not want to rely on the ferry to get you there. You have one night then two nights in Heraklion, not sure which one is correct. Personally, I wouldn't spend more than a night in Heraklion and unless you have a keen interest in history and archaeology (i.e. want to the visit the palace and archaeology museum - I do and did both were fabulous), I'd skip the city all together. It is modern, dirty and expensive. Chania on the other hand is an absolute delight, expecially if you stay the old quarter. We did and loved it. We were there for five days.

I am working on my own itinerary for Turkey right now. I don't think you can really do a day tour of Pamukkale from Istanbul, or at least I wouldn't do it. Maybe you can go there enroute to Cappadocia but I am not sure.

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Hi Aimee…
I know it looks confusing. I’m staying 1 night in Heraklion after getting off the ferry because it would be too late to rent a car to head to Chania. I know I need a car when on Crete because one main reason is because I want to visit Takis shelter. And logistically makes sense to settle down after late ferry and make an early go for Chania. Eventually I need to come back to Heraklion for Takis and flight back for Athens. So I think it makes sense. But again if you see something I don’t please inform me. As far as a day trip to Pamukkale there is an outfitter who flies out & does s day excursion from Istanbul. Pricey but saves me time traveling south to another city. Yes starts at 4 am. Hehe but it’s on my must list.

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Also yes I’m aware of the possible strikes 🥺I dodged them in France…I’m crossing my 🙏🏻🤞🏼Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate all the tips and reminders.

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It looks like the OP has changed their posting name from “ Yuonhee” to “Nova” since this thread started. What’s up with that?

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Thanks Kenko,
But I looked at the Best of Turkey tour & it didn’t have Cappadocia & I didn’t want to stop at some of the other cities. I’m traveling with a person who prefers a slower pace & prefers at least 2-3 days per city so that’s why I can’t do a tour with so many cities.

The only city that I’m having the logistical problem is Pamukkale. Trying to connect a city to use as a base start is troubling. Cappadocia is ok because the flight to Istanbul is easy.

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Thank you Suki. I just reviewed it. Yes you are correct it does have Cappadocia & Pamukkale!!! This would be perfect for me if I didn’t have a travel partner 🥺but because we are splitting the 21+ days with Greece I can’t commit to that itinerary. Also I have a semi high maintenance travel partner 😂not fond of long bus rides. And requires longer city stays. Also likes a bit more pampering hehe. Which is funny bc I’m the female & I’m the easy going one & low maintenance. But thanks for the tip maybe I’ll do it again solo one year.

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Oh know 😭I just read from Iankubber: driving in Heraklion is not fun 🥺😳😱😰
I need a car because I’m visiting Takis shelter 🦮🐾while on Crete & a car seems the most logical way to get there. It’s pretty remote where his shelter is. 🫣Has anyone been there? Any suggestions?

It also made sense that I rent a car once I arrive in Heraklion so then I can return the car there too after visiting Chania. I don’t mind taking the bus to Chania but I don’t think there is bus to Takis Shelter. 🦮🐾 please help

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Why not just rent the car you want -- or do public transportation -- and book a TAXI in Chania for the ride to//from that Takis place (an animal shelter?) ... will cost more maybe but would simplify matters.

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And requires longer city stays.

I concur with this point about preferring longer city stays. I solved that for Istanbul by doing back to back Best of Istanbul and Best of Turkey tours, which I found a couple of opportunities for in the 2022 schedule. But not in your October timeframe.... I rebooked when back to back tours opened in May.

In case you rebook solo in the future 😉

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Regarding the 3 nights in Athens,

The Psyri district is very very lively, especially in the evening and at night. And even livelier on weekends. If you want to try several bars and have drinks until 2 am it's perfect. But if you want to rest you may not be in the right place. In this case, avoid the triangle bounded by Emou Street, Pireos Avenue and Athinas Street.

And of course the direct proximity to the Monastiraki square whose crowd and entertainment with percussion generate a few decibels

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Thanks JoLui,

📝For your notes!! Oct 9-12 (Sun-Wed) are my dates so I think I’m safe in Psiri if I chose to stay there. (I’m not a bar hopping kind of person, so that’s not on my list of things to do. But I am interested in good local restaurants). I have bookings for Plaka & Psiri for now. I’m waiting to read the forum votes before I narrow it down to the winner.

Honestly I wasn’t even going to stay there that many days, but I thought I’m there why not. 😂

My main objective is just to be in a safe neighborhood close to the nice market stalls, restaurants & close proximity for tourist activities.

Plaka has always been well reviewed. And Psiri offers a close location 🤔people have been saying it’s up and coming.

So I’m debating between the 2.

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My comment about Psirri regarding the choice of a hotel in this area was about the noise and nightlife, otherwise the area is quite safe.

About restaurants.

In Psirri I recommend the restaurant Zampano. and possibly The Greek Creative Cuisine (which I don't find so creative). In both cases the reservation is preferable.

A little further towards the municipal market of Athens there is the unmissable Karamanlidika

In the market itself there are small simple and inexpensive taverns which offer good food with market products. For example the Aris Tavern.

I'm sure you'll be told "Mani Mani" which is located near the Acropolis Museum. If you want a change, apart from the Mani Mani branch next door for takeout (Dirty Mani) in this district of koukaki I recommend "Seawolf" which is 200 meters further at 35 Dimitrakopoulou street.

Continuing this street about 300 meters to the south you will come across Georg Olimpiou street which is a large pedestrian street full of restaurants frequented by Greek families. If you like grilled meats, the Kalyvas Family Grill is the place to go.

If you like street art and street food, don't be afraid to hang out in the Exarchia district, there are also plenty of very good little restaurants there. But you probably won't have the time.

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JoLui 🥰👏your the RS Yelp rep!!!

Wow. Thanks, I now have my Athens food itinerary solved.

I try to be carefree on all my trips, allowing myself to try new things. But I’m not gonna lie 🤥, I always prepare a list of restaurants I want to frequent when planning my vacation itinerary as a back up.

Also it helps to use the known 🗺“good places” as a good starting point when exploring.