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Greece to USA Covid Test experience

My husband ordered the Abbot Labs BinaxNow Covid-19 home test kit about 4 weeks prior to leaving. They require ordering in a quantity of 6. We both downloaded the Navica app and created accounts.

My husband also downloaded the VeriFly app and created an account. We were flying American Airlines.

We packed 4 of these covid tests in our luggage. We took the self tests at the dining table in our Airbnb in Athens on Sunday night. (We departed Athens Wednesday morning.) Our Air BnB had wifi.

When logging in to take the test, we both received messages on our phones that we needed a separate laptop/tablet to initiate the test. So, we used our iPad mini to take the test instead. It was like a Skype/zoom call, but we could not see the proctor, only they could see us. My husband logged on and took his test. He received his negative result confirmation via email in an attached PDF while I was in the middle of taking my test right after him. It look about 30 minutes to complete the test start to finish. The Abbot lab proctors talked FAST!

My husband took a screenshot of the PDF of both of our negative test results and uploaded them to VeriFly. The app confirmed that the test was accepted within minutes. He uploaded mine under his account as a family member and I was accepted within about an hour.

Upon arrival at Athens airport, the ticket agent asked if we had the VeriFly pass. We showed the "pass" on the app on the phone, and that was all that was needed.

We did NOT have to fill out a separate paper attestation form bc we had the pass with VeriFly.

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Thank you, Cristen

That was very useful information. I too obtained an Abbot kit for my trip in July.

Is VerifFly specific to American Airlines or are multiple airlines using? It's the first I'm hearing of it.



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This is amazing and valuable feedback. Thank you for sharing it!

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Thank you so much for this detailed post. Do you know why you received messages on your phone saying you needed a separate laptop/tablet to initiate the test? What would someone who had only a phone and no laptop or tablet do?

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I've been reading about a few travelers being randomly checked on arrival, testing positive, and being put into quarantine. No cost to them, but they weren't allowed to get an immediate PCR test. When finally done, sometimes a few days later, it came back negative.


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I do not know what other airlines are doing. I only know American Airlines is using the VeriFly app.

We were very lucky to also have packed our iPad mini and that we could use that to connect to the video part with the proctor. My husband has an IPhone and I have a Samsung 8 and we both received the message that our web browser would not support the video portion of the test. It said I needed "chrome 78", I believe, and offered a link to download it but I didn't get any further with trying to figure it out bc we got it to work on the mini. The iPad mini we used is at least 5 years old.