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Greece sos

Hello everyone and anyone,

We are two gals traveling to Greece and Crete this summer of 2015. We want to travel from Crete to Santorini, from Santorini to Milas and Milas to end in Athens. IS THIS POSSIBLE AND HOW?
What is the most convenient way to get from Crete to Santorini?
Can we get from MIlas to Athens?
Should we book ferry tickets in advance and if so, how much time in advance?
What is a reasonable ferry price? We are seeing many different price ranges and we want to know what is fair.
We are traveling at high season (August) has anyone had any experience of not being able to buy tickets because they were sold out?


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The Greek ferry system will provide you with transportation from Crete (Heraklion) to Santorini, then from Santorini to Milos, and finally from Milos to Athens. You can also fly from Crete to Santorini but it means a flight to Athens to change for Santorini. Same for Santorini to Milos. Direct flights from Milos to Athens are definitely possible.

Ferry Schedules: August is very busy in these islands. It wouldn't be a bad idea to book in advance. Do so on the individual ferry company websites to get the best prices and opt to pick up your tickets at the ticket offices at the respective ferry ports involved.

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Thank you so much! How far in advance do you suggest we buy our ferry tickets?

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Buy your tickets once you know your schedule is set. Don't waste money on upgraded tickets. Economy or Airplane-style reserved seats are more than adequate for these short hops.

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You should feel comfortable to pay any price that the ferry company is offering for direct transportation, without extras. Even if some have advance-purchase discounts, the full price is pretty affordable. Faster ferries likely will cost more than slower car ferries. Booking on short notice is normal most of the year, but for August, you probably will want to reserve ahead.