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Greece Post reliable for sending a box home?

I'd very much like to send a box home from Crete - I'm already spotting some stuff I'd like ;-)

I've sent a box home from France by post before, but wouldn't even consider doing so from Italy.
How about from Greece? Is the postal service here reliable?


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I've used the Greek post with no problems. I suggest you check first to find someone at the post office who speaks English, to help you fill out paperwork, and if you're unsuccessful ask at your hotel for assistance. I don't remember if it was in Greece or Turkey, but one time I had to open my carefully-wrapped package so they could inspect the contents before they'd allow it to be shipped.

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this past summer i shipped a box home from crete. no problem. of course the post office experience was interesting since i don't speak greek and the lady didn't speak english. we were able to determine i needed the largest box, i figured she was saying it would be expensive (which worried me a bit), she sent me to another counter with a form and the box. i filled in the form (had english subtitles) and packed the box and returned to her counter. she taped it up, did her thing with the paperwork and told me it was going to be 36 euro. whew. i didn't consider that very expensive! this was to ship from Rethymno Crete to southern California. I got home about 10 days later and my package was already home.