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Greece overview Itinerary for 4 weeks

I am planning to visit Greece this September, with my wife, both in middle 50. I am planning to visit a couple of islands, Crete, Peloponnese and Athens. We are interested in many things, some history, some beach time, little shopping, local cuisine and cultire.
From what I learned I created the following Itinerary and would like experts on this forum to give advice? Is it too much? Any places I should switch or not visit or there is a better alternative? Or stay more/fewer nights? I will appreciate any help and it may help others with planning their trips.
Then I have to start working on logistics - cars, hotels etc.
Here it is:

Arrive to Athen (4pm) , transfer to Myconos flight 8pm

Myconos 3 nights

Paros 3 nights

Santorini 3 nights

Haraklion 2 nights

Chania 4 nights

fly Chania-> Athens (fly 3h30 min) Drive to Nafrio (2h)

Nafrio 3 nights

Drive: Nafrio -> Mystras (1h20m) -> Monemvasia (1h10m)

Monemvasia 2 nights

drive: Monemvasia -> Gythio (50 min) -> Kardamyli (51m)

Kardelyli 1 night
drive: Kardamyli -> Olympia (2h) -> Nafpaktos (1h20min)

Nafpaktos 1 night
drive: Nafpaktos -> Delphi (1h) -> Kalambaka (2h20)

Kalambaka 2 nights

Athens 3 nights

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Very ambitious but doable as long as you have the time. Unless I've misunderstood, you state a flight from Chania to Athens in 3.5 hours, when in fact it's a 50-minute flight. And unless you are into the party scene you can skip Mykonos. There's not much else to do there but shop, sunbathe and eat/drink. If you're going there so you can get to Delos you should know that there is an excursion daytrip to Delos from Paros.

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Our Greek friends planned our first trip to Greece.
I would stay in Chania the whole time on Crete and visit Heraklion as a day trip to visit the museum and Knossos.
I would take a day from Santorini and add it to Paros.
I am happy to see you are including Mystras. But you haven’t included Olympia which I would add. A must see!
We did enjoy Mykonos and did not encounter any party scene where we stayed. Take a boat over to ancient Delos as a day trip.
I think Napflion is what you call Nafrio? It is a wonderful location to use as a base to explore the Mycenae and Epidavros. And it’s a lovely seafront town to explore on it’s own. It is a favorite weekend destination for Athenians.

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@Lee Thanks. I did include 50 min fly from Chania to Athenas and added 2 hours drive to Narfio.
What would be a suggestion instead on Myconos?

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But you haven’t included Olympia which I would add.

I included Olympia, but just a visit to the site, without an overnight stay. How long one would need to see Ancient Olympia?
As for Nafrantos, this is different from Nafrio. I got this idea from
and also to break a long drive between Kardamyli and Delphi.

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Nafrio 3 nights

Drive: Nafrio -> Mystras (1h20m) -> Monemvasia

Nafplio (aka Nafplion) is what you mean?