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Greece Opening Days/Times

Are there any days that certain attractions in Greece tend to be closed? We're thinking particularly about the monasteries in Meteora, but we're also interested in other things in general (museums, outdoor attractions in Athens, wineries, etc.).
Thank you!

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I find this site THE most useful... ... not only covers EVERY conceivable site/museum in Athens, with summer/winter hours, admission fees AND reduced/free admissions categories and FREE days plus closed days, ALSO It also covers assorted other sites such as Meteora, Corinth Epidaurus. This other VERY useful list, released this spring, lists the 33 museums and archeological sites that will be open 8 - 8pm 7 days per week, From April 1 - Oct 31 2014 (and we hope 2015 as well). FINALLY someone in the Greek govt. has acknowledged the importance of the tourist dollar and is doing something Finally to accommodate the interest. As for specifics of the monasteries in Meteora, I suggest going to the Odyssey (govt website) for meteor to get specifics. Also, go to Trip Advisor Greece forum, use the pulldown menu for specific sites and click Meteora. You will then see all the "threads" (discussions) having to do with visiting the monasteries... and visitor reactions as to which ones are most worthwhile, which are easiest to access, the strategy to see the most in a given day (since many/most close at 2 or 3).

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Thanks, Luke, for asking this question and thank you, Janet, for such a detailed answer. Very helpful.