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Greece November 2015

We want to finish our last leg of our trip by spending a (4) days in Greece. We will be traveling from Naples, Italy to Greece the end of November 2015.
This will be our first trip to Greece and would appreciate any help with
1. The most recommended way to get from Naples to Greece. We heard that Crete is a wonderful place to start.
2. What to expect
3. Forms of travel without a car.

Thank you.

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I am not clear about what you mean when you say "what to expect." There won't be lions and tigers.
You can expect warm, friendly people, magnificent sites and scenery, wonderful food and drink.
The answers to all your questions will be found in a good Greek guide book. Buy one or get something at the library.
Check Rick's videos on Greece.
It's too bad that you have only four days--there is so much to see and do on the mainland and the islands.

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Please, with only four days go to Athens, see the main Antiquities museum and the new Acropolis museum. Fly in to save time, though boat from Brindisi and the train are nice, with lots more time. Dine under the stars near the Acropolis with traditional menu items, drink retsina at least once and a Mythos beer. Go to Agora to shop and people watch. Do NOT talk politics or US viewpoints on Greek economy ever. Same for religion. Never with locals unless youtruly know them. They are the warmest most caring culture I've experienced. Helpful and hospitable always. But the current times have left touchy areas to stay away from in my opinion. Go, if there is time to Delphi for a day, perhaps via Corinth, but doubt you have time. Plan a visit next trip to the islands, like Santorini or Patmos or smaller places or Rhodes or...well many there are many choices. Read up and decide to do what you want and plan to spend two weeks next trip.

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A few thoughts on your questions....

(1). Especially with your very short time frame, using a budget flight is the best option. You may be able to book a flight using Alitalia from Naples, but not sure about EasyJet or Aegean at that time of year. You'll most likely have to transit via Athens regardless of which airline you use. You'll have more flight choices if you depart from Rome / FCO. The flight schedules for November haven't been posted yet, so it's difficult to check on what your options might be.

" We heard that Crete is a wonderful place to start."
IMO, you don't have for Crete with such a short time frame. I'd suggest focusing on Athens with perhaps a side trip to Nafplio or Delphi. That's more than enough to keep you busy for a few days.

(2). Not sure what to expect as I haven't been there that late in the year. It will probably be "quiet" and you shouldn't have any trouble getting a hotel booking. If you're planning to hire a local guide, it would probably be a good idea to contact them well in advance, as they may be operating on "reduced hours" at that time of year. Also check the opening times for the sights in that area, as they may also be on reduced hours. As I recall, there's information in the guidebook on the opening & closing times for the various sights in Athens.

(3.) Forms of travel - that will depend on where you're going. For a trip to Nafplio, I believe that Bus is the cheapest method (about 3 hours in each direction). For a trip to Delphi, using a local day tour company might be the best option (I haven't checked) or Bus (again, about 3 hours).

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Hello Ernest. When I was at Greece, it was in the month November : I think I was there November 8 - 25 (many years ago). Chilly winds from the north began at the Cyclades islands (at the Aegean Sea) in the third week of November. And the air was cold at night at Athens, beginning at about November 22. But the Greek young women wearing those very tall thick fur boots really did not need that, ever. If you will be at Greece toward the end of November, I recommend going to the island Crete. The air is less cold there. If you will be at Greece a total of 4 days, go to Crete only. Fly from Rome to Athens, and that day fly from Athens to Crete. Or an airline flight from Rome to Crete, if there is any. Athens is the most stress - inducing city that I have been at. At Athens, I liked seeing the ancient white marble sculptures and carved stones in the National Archaeological Museum. But I guess you could see good color photographs of the best parts of that, in a tall book. I think that would be good enough. Athens is not Greece. At islands of Greece I liked the Mediterranean environment : azure blue sky, olive trees, goats, donkeys, ... And the people were more relaxed and friendly on the islands. Go to an island of Greece. The islands have busses.

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Count me in as one that recommends Athens in November. The weather should still be good, though it could be cooler or some rain especially in late November. But the worst of Athens, hot and horribly crowded doesn't exist there in November; it's a great time to see the city. And while everyone has different experiences, I found the people in Athens (and Greece in general), to be very warm and friendly. Athens is a big city and so of course you'll find more jaded and in-a-rush people, but I found that to be an exception, not a rule there. And the archeological museum, though in need of renovations, has an incredible collection - I can't believe someone would suggest skipping it...

With only four days, and likely no direct flights to an island, it is another reason to stick with Athens. There is plenty there to see in four days (less actually with travel time) but a daytrip to Delphi would be the one option worth considering. Islands are pretty shut down by November for tourism, though a larger island like Crete does still have some services. But even mainland destinations like Delphi have limited services (many hotels and restaurants close for the season).

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Try as an airline search engine; in a quick search, however I did not see any direct flights between Naples and any place in Greece. Crete is a great destination, partly because it's large enough to have more to see than other islands, which makes 4 days there pretty tight timing. Public buses are the main form of island transport without a car, and run less often in November, if at all. A single city like Athens is more practical for 4 days, has plenty of indoor museums in case the weather is poor, and should require fewer flight connections.