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Greece Itinerary for late October

I am so excited to finally get my airline tickets (again) to fly to Greece on October 19th (arrive on the 20th) - 30th, 2022. I have purchased several guidebooks (most of which I felt lacked enough information) and have done research on the internet and on this forum. I know there are so many "Itinerary" postings here but I wondered if my itinerary works for late in October - especially Naxos. I thought I read on this forum that Naxos pretty much shuts down in late October. Would you recommend I go somewhere other than Naxos? I just want to kick-back and enjoy the food and scenery, visit the wineries and archaeological sites.

Fly into Athens and then straight to Santorini

Two nights - Santorini

Two nights - Naxos

Two nights - Nafplio

Four nights - Athens (with a day trip to Meteora)

Thank you for your help!

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I would be inclined to limit myself to just 3 locations, to avoid so much packing/unpacking, especially if " I just want to kick back" is the goal.

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Two nights is effectively only one day there. Personally, I would drop my least favourite Greek island - Santorini and add a night each to Naxos and Nafplio.

The islands are quieter in late October - I have had some mild days then, but also days of wind and torrential rain.

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We found things were shutting down on the islands in early to mid October.

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We are doing the same itinerary in May 2022 but we have a total of 16 nights on the ground. You only have 10 nights. I really think you are visiting too many places, and as someone else said, 2 nights essentially gives you 1 day in a place. This does not sound like a relaxing pace. Based on what the other posters have said about the islands shutting down in mid-October, perhaps you would be better off eliminating the islands and spending more time in Nafplio. We are staying there for 5 nights. And maybe an extra night in Athens since you want to do a day trip to Meteora.

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Thank you all! I really want to see Santorini so maybe will eliminate Naxos since it seems like things shut down there in October and extend Nafplio and Athens.

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I totally agree with others that you don’t have enough time for this itinerary. We did the same but had 14 nights (but did not go to Meteora). And given the dates you are visiting it might be worth your while to concentrate on mainland.

I also wanted to say that a day trip to Meteora is not a good idea. It is too far. My son rented a car and drove there from Athens and spent one night. He said it wasn’t enough. We are spending two nights in June and one night in Delphi which would be somewhere else to consider if you focus on the mainland.

You have to think you will return. We will be back in 2022 for our second trip. There are many on this board who have gone to Greece multiple times. We were planning our return as we left…..

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I agree, skip Naxos, since you can't do it justice in 48 hours .... and since you've selected October, we can assume that beaches aren't a priority either. I'd agree with focus on Nafplio... but realize, on AM of day 3, you need to FLY, not ferry, back to Mainland. To truly get around to all the ancient sites & highlights of Nafplio area, off-season you'd need a car. So suggest you rent on at Airport. This enables you to stop at Ancient Nemea outbound ... a Sacred Games site "runner-up" to Olympia ... While staying in Nafplio, you can see the fasc inating place in & around that beautiful Old Town, then Mycenae, Tiryns etc... on way back to Athens area, stop at Ancient Epidarus, drive up coast, & stop at Corinth Canal.

I agree a day trip to Meteora is lengthy & frustrating; save it for another trip. Delphi as an overnight can be rewarding IF you engage a licensed guide to take u thru museum & ruins, OR do extensive advance prep, so it will be meaningful. Remember that you'll be able to see less on any given day because in Late October it gets dark early.

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Thank you, Janet and BethFL! I will definitely fly back to Athens and rent a car. After the advice given, I think I’ll skip Meteora this trip (even though it looks so beautiful!) and look into Delphi! I always try to do too much but find my favorite trips are those where we take our time! I always need reminded of that! Any recommendations on a licensed guide for Delphi?

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If you MUST see Santorini, then definitely cut Naxos. But having been to Santorini recently, I never want to go back. I would LOVE to go to Naxos or any other quieter island. Santorini's beauty can be appreciated from photos, but going there is like a Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale that I never want to subject myself to again.

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I agree with most that you are trying to do/see to much in the time you have.

Two days in each location means losing part of one day getting there.

Cut out one destination. If it was me it would be Santorini and spend more time on Naxos and Nafplio.

I travel the first half of October every year and find it perfect for me. Weather much nicer than the heat of summer, less tourists and lower costs on accommodations.

Just because it's off season doesn't mean Greece shuts down. They'll always be shops, markets and tavernas open for locals which will give you a more "Greek" experience rather than a tourist experience.

Naxos and Nafplio will have most everything open so you'll have many options for services.

Athens will always be wide open so no problems with something to do there.

I wouldn't do a day trip to Meteora and maybe add one day to one of the two other islands.

Athens can be enjoyed in three days.

The order of travel would be Naxos, ferry/fly back to Athens, car/bus to Nafplio then return to Athens.

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TommyK means well, but is writing as someone who's been to Greece a number of times, and intends to go there many more times. However, I would never tell a first-timer not to go to Santorini -- because it is the Big It on every calendar, website, poster, YouTUbe amateur video etc etc. It is the beginner's must-see. I and maybe TommyK were lucky enough to go a few years back before it became such a Disneyland/Times Square/Cruise Carnival ... but the Caldera View is still there, and Joyce is going in late October, and will be spared the mob scene. She has sensibly rationed the isle to 2 nights... and that's fine. As far as Naxos, my beloved Naxos ... I'd rather have her save it for trip #2 than rush in and out. Both Athens and Nafplio will be very lively & stimulating in October ... and she'll be able to compare the Santorini sunsets with those viewed from Nafplio's UNcrowded & comfy (cushioned wicker chairs) seafront canopied cafes (Nafplio wins!). She'll have time to explore the byways of Old TOwn and the countryside... and with a car, perhaps a wine festival near Ancient Nemea -- its the heart of red-wine heaven! Vineyards galore. Joyce, I hope you intensely study the wonderful NONcommercial Nafplio website - Open EVERY link, the one on local walks is great, especially the walk @ sealevel around "the point".

To visualize your driving itinerary from ATH airport, try this map (cllick & it gets huuuuge -- navigate around using side-slides). ... it shows that you are on a modern divided Intercity highway all the way from airport, avoiding All of Athens, to beyond the Corinth Canal. A little farther on is the quick-stop for ANcient Nemea -- and nearby are vineyards. Many great sites are 5-15 miles from Nafplio itself ... and you can plan it to avoid backtracking ... on your last day, check out early and drive EAST to Ancient Epidaurus, then keep on -- drive up the SEA road to the Corinth Canal area, to stop & see that before jumping onto the biggie highway. It's fun & easy, have done it numerous times with newcomers --- just remember before your trip to stop into an AAA office to get Intl. Driving Permit (takes 20 minutes).

Here are 2 items u may not have seen on your internet research, both from the Masterful forum-contributor, "Stanbr" -- his fine album of Nafplio photos -- his terrific tips on Santorini (1) stress-free sunset-viewing and (2) best place for winetasting on Santorini (a museum NOT a Vineyard) -

BTW, when you begin to think about Athens, and where to stay, I may as well chime in with my favorite location, which is near the Acropolis, toward the South side, near the long pedestrianized promenade that runs all along that side of the Acropolis/agora Precinct. Very Green, lots of trees, small lanes without traffic ... lively but not noisy, right near the Acropolis Museum & So. entrance to the ruins. Hotels to consider include Herodion, Phillipos, Airotel Parthenon, Hotel Hera -- or, if you're a careful budgeteer like me, my secret bargain gem, Hotel Phaedra (3 floors, 24? rooms), no fancy lobby but balconies w either Acropolis or Parthenon view, and wonderful roof terrace open 24/7 to all. Have fun planning; I hope this Covid thing is long past by the time you embark!

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Janet - Thank you so much! I appreciate all your recommendations and websites and will check them all out. Thanks too or the reminder about the International Driving Permit! I love the research part of a trip. There is so much information on the internet but getting advice from people on this forum who have actually been there is so valuable! Thank you too for your kind words about visiting Santorini. I have read so many comments on this forum saying it isn't worth seeing because of the crowds and I know that is probably true. But I have had a picture of those white and blue roofed buildings of Santorini hanging at my desk at work for two years and I just have to go ... once! ... Even if it means that on my first trip I miss the genuine Greek flavor of the less crowded islands. Thank you all for your advice. tommyk5 - I am definitely cutting out two days in Naxos and adding one to Nafplio and an overnight in Delphi. At least as of now! Greece has so many beautiful places to go and it was hard narrowing it down. I wanted to see it all! My research continues but I now have a starting point with the cities and number of days in each ... for my first trip!

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I would never tell someone not to go anywhere in Greece.

Santorini and even Mykonos are islands for first timers that people think about as they are always THE islands hyped by glossy travel magazines and travel agents.

I admit I've never been to Santorini and only a few hours on Mykonos as part of the Delos/Mykonos day trip. Not that Santorini doesn't have it's beauty but I prefer areas where there are not crowds of tourists. October should be quieter and with Covid probably still an issue could be even less crowded.

Naxos has some of the most beautiful scenery I've seen, especially the spectacular mountain road through the middle of the island. It's views/scenery rival any island or parts of the mainland I've been to.

There are numerous islands and many areas of the mainland that offer scenery, beautiful villages, beaches, etc. so it is very difficult to decide where to go.

If you have your heart set on Santorini then by all means go and I hope you enjoy yourself.

Once you go to Greece you'll get the "Greek Bug" and end up wanting to go back.

I've been fortunate to go to Greece many times and plan on more as there are so many "To-Go-To" places on my list!