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Greece in September

Would like to go to Athens, Mykonos, Naxos & Santorini in September - what will the weather be like? Would it still be decent beach weather? Thanks all!

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Well you could have googled average weather temps.. but I will save you the work.

Weather will be great. Great time to go.. summer hordes dispersing.. but still in season enough that everything is still open on islands.
Water will be warm.

We were in Naxos and Mykonos in early mid May and thought it was nice.. water was a tad crisp but still very swimmable to us ( being from a country where sea water is so cold can kill you in 15 )

I visited Greece first time many years ago in late September and early October.. it was still awesome warm weather.

Thanks for your input, appreciate it.

I did Google average temps - but the reason I'm posing this question is that I've heard/read that nowadays, the temperature could vary regardless of that 'average' may be - so I thought perhaps I could get some anecdotes/personal experience as well.

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Water temperatures in September are warm, close to perfect, but the wind can start blowing and it can get chilly in the evenings, so bring some clothing you can layer to adjust your comfort level.

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My favorite type of Mediterranean swimming beaches are pretty shallow and/or protected in small coves and I've found those warm enough for swimming at least through mid-October in Greece, Italy, Croatia, etc.

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Averages of anything generally tell you nothing. Use a weather website like or to find actual highs and lows by day for the past few years. That will give you an idea of what to expect - and more information than an occasional visitor has. You could also ask on - there are usually at least a couple of locals on the forums there.

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We're often in Andros, in the northern Cyclades, in September. As people say the weather, especially for the first half of the month is generally very warm. Having been warming up all summer he sea is also much warmer than earlier in the summer.

Lee is right though that, especially towards the end of the month, the wind can get up.

Generally though a nice time of the year to be there.