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Greece in November

We are looking at taking a 14 day cruise round-trip from Venice, Italy departing on October 30. Part of the itinerary includes Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes. Also Dubrovnik and Split Croatia and Kotor, Montenagro. I wonder if anyone can offer any insight to traveling in the region at this time of year. I have traveled in this area in September and it was beautiful. My concern is if the shops and archaeological sites and restaurants will still be open and if the weather will lend itself to a lovely Greek island voyage. My gratitude to anyone who can offer any experience/ideas/insight for this trip idea. Thank you!

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Thank you for your reply JG. I greatly appreicate your insight. Firsthand experience is always valuable. I do have 4 guide books for the region, including 2 Rick Steves books for Greece. When I traveled in this region last year, even during peak tourist season, there were several errors in the books and many places were not open the hours indicated on their websites. That is why I am asking for any insight from other travelers. Thank you again for your time and help.

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When you say "a lovely Greek island voyage" the emphasis should be on the voyage. You have traveled in GReece before, but you may not have done it via cruise. What is not emphasized in the beautiful brochure photos, but what emerges from the small print, is how LITTLE time that passengers will actually have on dry land. Many cruises that feature santorini turn out to hav a stop of only FOUR hours ... and when the ship has 2500+ passengers, it can take a hour for all to get on shore... first to transfer via small launch to the Old Pier, and then, standing in line, to go up the lift to the top of the island, where all the towns are (To add to problem, those who sign up for the Pricey ship-sponsored tours go to the head of the line, leaving hoi poloi to wait and wait and wait).

Other islands are easier to access but again, have short stays, only enough time to wander around the port town, take photos, have a mediocre lunch, buy some souvenirs and re-board; Mykonos is an example of this. A ship usually has a full day in Rhodes -- enough time to explore Old Town, and -- if you pair up with another couple to share a taxi -- a nice trip down to Lindos to admire the ancient columns on a cliff (mainly restored by Mussolini's architects, but a lovely view). In Rhodes, I suggest online research to find out whether, in November, Rhodes Old Town has scheduled access to the Top of the 15th Century City walls. In warmer weather, one can walk ON TOP of these stunning walls. They're 50 feet high and 30 feet thick! Grass & bushes grow on top!

I agree with JG in urging you to do some of your own homework. Then, when you read about highlights and landmarks that attract YOU, then ask US the particulars, such as opening hours. But we cannot substitute for you getting basic backgrounding. You have plenty of time to browse your guides and select things to ask about... advance study is part of the fun, for people who love learning, as you undoubtedly do. Best wishes for a wonderful trip!