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Greece in March

Thinking of Athens and the Heart of Greece trip in 2020 early in March. Anyone had thoughts or experiences during this time of year? Don't mind cooler weather, but want to miss the crowds and heat of later in the year


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Hi Tom,
My wife and I did this tour this past April and found the weather...and crowds to be fine.
What we now know is that the Greek Easter is a really big deal...and that is the actual start to the majority of the Greek tourist season.
We actual got into Athens a few days prior to our 4-1 RS Tour start. There were still plenty of people for us but not what we’ve heard our huge crowds later after Easter. Note: Their Easter is NOT the same day as ours...
The weather was fine for the majority of the trip with only one day being a “rain-out”. We came prepared and didn’t have an issue.
Overall good weather...and manageable crowds.
We went to Naxos after the Tour for a few days on our own...again prior to the Greek Easter...and found numerous businesses closed...some refurbishing ahead of the tourism season but overall very enjoyable.
We too like cooler weather and less crowds.

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I took that tour a few years ago in March. The first one of the season. It was actually warmer than I expected, but I'm a cool weather person and the weather was lovely. The flowers are just coming out so it is a lovely time of year. There were not many crowds although there were some tourists, and some Viking tours at ruins, but not overwhelming as the Greeks still consider it to be winter and are only starting to wind up for tourism season. It's a great tour! I think the first tour of the season is great weather-wise and lack of crowd-wise.

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No one can predict the weather in early March. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst, meaning bring clothing for cold days with wind and rain and colder nights.

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I went with a couple of friends March 2018 and it was perfect. Beautiful days, a little cool and only a tiny bit of rain the day we were in Delphi.

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I’m always in Greece in March. As other people have said the weather is generally changeable. Layers are a good idea and a big umbrella. You’d be unlucky not to have some nice sunny days where you can sit out for lunch, but lucky to avoid the odd day when it pours down, if only for an hour or two.

If you don’t want to pack an umbrella you can pick them up cheaply from street sellers who wander the cafes, or in Athens camp outside metro stations, as soon as it starts raining. In March this year we were caught out in a storm and bought two for 4 euros each.


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Has anyone taken the RS Greece tour in early May? Will it be very crowded? I am on 2 wait lists for late April but can change to May (cost goes up). Your thoughts please.

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We leave for this tour in 3 weeks. We also like cooler weather and less crowds which is why we booked the Oct 7th departure. Stay tuned as I will be writing a trip report either as we go or when we return.

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Sandra - I took the tour leaving around April 24, 2 years ago (the same year Wray went). I spent a few days in Athens pre-tour and left right after the tour. In April there were some cooler days when a light jacket was warranted, though I usually ended up carrying it in the afternoon. It warmed up as the days passed by, and there was a short hot spell (mid/high 80s I think) at the beginning of May which pretty much did in the spring blossoms.

I'm not in great shape and didn't find the tour particularly strenuous, though some of the walking was difficult because of slippery steps, lack of hand rails, very uneven paths. There is a lot of walking up and down, lots of steps, and very little shade. That would all make the tour more strenuous in warmer weather.