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Greece in late April early May, need help!

Me and my wife are planning our first trip to Europe, the main place we want to see is greece (athens/santorini) from there we would like to go to Venice, Prague, Berlin, and then fly home from amsterdam

Looking to travel for about 20-22 days, not sure if all of this is doable for the time frame, any help on this trip as well as how to get from place to place. would be appreciated.


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Your cities are quite spreadout from one another espec greece and amsterdam. It means that you will need to fly at least 2 x in europe which takes at least a full day from start to finish as well as costs.
The others u can prob do by train. Use as your guide for routes and est fares.
Realize that schedules for santorini from athens are minimal if at all during your time frame, ck ferry schedules online. It is a seasonal destination, some hotels are still closed.
Your destination are blockblusters and could easily warrant 4 days except for athens and santoriini which 2 days would be fine. Hope this helps as a guide.

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Thanks for the help, you think it would be beneficial to skip athens and just do santorini?

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Personally I would drop Santorini - it's SO over - rated and too touristy compared with other more typically Greek islands but seems popular with Americans on this forum.

The number of places you are proposing seems sensible compared to some itineries but your destinations are widespread so will take some time to travel between some places and will add to your cost. will give you an idea of transport options between destinations.

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I would not go all the way to Santorini without also spending a full day or two in Athens, if you have not been before. Budget flights will be a good option for your longer trips, such as Athens-Venice and Venice-Prague; try; perhaps morning flights would leave you with more of your day left upon arrival, instead of feeling that a flight takes up a whole day.

For an overview of train travel time and full-fare, 2nd class ticket prices, see Rick’s Train Travel Time & cost Map. You can get significant train ticket discounts on your remaining routes starting about 3 months before the planned travel dates.