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Greece in January?

Hello all travelers,
I've got two weeks of vacation time in January and would like to visit Greece. Is it a bad time to go? If not, can you suggest an island or two where I can do some sightseeing and just relax? Thank you all in advance.

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Not only will it be very cold and rainy in Greece in January, most shops, hotels, restaurants, cafes and galleries on the islands will be closed. The main exceptions will be Rhodes and Crete since they're very large islands with substantial local permanent populations. Anywhere in Europe in January will be cold. If you want to go someplace warm and relaxing I suggest you focus on Southeast Asia, Indonesia or the South Pacific instead of Europe. Think Thailand, Bali or the Cook Islands and Fiji.

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How about the Caribbean or the West coast of Mexico, Steve ... its only hours away by plane, and certainly has the climate you seem to be seeking. It sounds as if you made the same mistake that many Americans make, who don't look at a globe; they equate the Mediterranean with the Caribbean in terms of climate. No no no ... much farther north. Seek out a globe, and all will be made clear.