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Greece in December

We are planning a trip in December to visit Greece. We are planning on visiting Athens and Peloponnese for two weeks. Has anyone gone at this time of year? Will business hours be shorter than normal? Thank you. Ann

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We visited Athens and Santorini for Christmas a few years ago. I don't remember any businesses closing early in Athens, and the weather was gorgeous. I have photos of myself in t-shirts and shorts! Santorini was a ghost town and colder, but we had it all to ourselves, which was amazing. Athens had a good amount of tourists still.

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Before Covid we were always in Greece for a couple of weeks over Christmas and New Year. It’s a nice time to be there: sites are quieter and places are in a festive mood. Weather can be really variable. The last time we were there we swam every day for a week in Nafplio but we’ve also had snow.

Shops are open their normal hours apart from the actual holidays but sites close earlier often around 3.30. It gets dark around 5.

Have a great trip.


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I haven't been to Greece in December but bear in mind that just because one travels there in December doesn't mean Greece shuts down.

There may be less services for tourists but they'll always be shops, markets and tavernas open for locals so that may give you a more "Greek Experience" rather than a tourist experience.

Just do your research on where you want to go and plan accordingly and you'll be fine.