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Greece in December

Hello ,

I am an active ongoing explorer, want to ask, Is Greece a worth place to visit in December, I am planning to visit, Kindly help me out to know more about the things and activities I can do in Greece in December, is it rainy or chilly, or best time.

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Well its not summer.. so no beach time..

It may be rainy and cool.

I dont think I would go in December if you wish to hike and walk much.. its not the best time for that.. April -October are better.

Where did you wish to visit in Greece?

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Hey Pat,

Thanks for the reply,
I am looking forward to visit Athens , The Cyclades(Santorini, Mykonos), Thessaloniki, Crete, The Aegean Islands (including Samos & Chios),
I read mixed views about the visit in December, kindly give me more advice about the cultural celebration and beauty of it for December, if any.

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Hey Alan,

Thanks a lot for the reply,
I am looking forward to go during 2nd and 3rd week of December, I have read that during Christmas time most of the attraction sites are closed, and transport is also not that frequent, to visit multiple places.

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December is a time to stick to the Greek mainland IMO. It will be drab and wet and places such around Thessaloniki may have snow. It isn't the best part of Europe to visit in December.

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I agree with Jennifer that the southern mainland is the best bet.

If I was looking at an island it would be Crete which is large enough to be lively at that time of year.

In terms of travel planes are OK in our experience - we've flown both Athens to Crete and Athens to Syros in December - but ferries can be disrupted by high wind. If you're relying on them you need to leave plenty of time in Athens at the end.


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Is there ever a bad time to go to Greece? No . . . there are better times but if you do your research you'll find areas of Greece that can be very enjoyable year-round, especially southern Greece or Southern Islands. Hardly any tourists, lower prices and decent weather. Don't expect a dip in the Aegean but a walk along a deserted beach will be highly enjoyable.

There'll always be shops, markets and tavernas open for locals which in the end may be a better Greek Experience than dealing with hordes of tourists during High Season.

Check out the average weather conditions in Athens (Airport) for December:

Check out this info for off-season travel in Greece at Matt's Greek Guide: