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Greece For Second time, does this sound okay?

We have booked a trip to Greece for late August to early September. This is our second trip to Greece. On the first trip we visited Athens, Santorini and Nafilia (sorry for spelling). This time around we are Flying into Athens and then want to take a flight to Milos where we would stay for 5 or 6 days. From there we would fly back to Athens and drive to Meteora. We would stop along the way at a recommended town. From Meteora we would go back to Athens to fly out. We have a 10 days on this trip. We enjoy Historic sites, beaches and just great scenery. By the way, we will rent a car (yes we know about the International license we have driven in Europe many times). Any suggestions on time spent in places and places to see?

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I too have been to Greece once-to santorini, Naxos, nafplio, and Athens. I have not yet been to milos. My only question is there is enough to do on milos for 5-6 days or whether you might consider taking a day or two for another place.

I would consider taking one day off milos and adding Delphi .

Of course, this is because my next trip to Greece will include both Delphi and Meteora!

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We also flew back to Athens from the islands (Naxos) and drove a rental to Meteora. Our flight arrived at ATH at 6pm, so we were a bit limited for daylight driving. We drove as far as Kamana Vourla (2-2 1/2 hrs) and stayed at Hotel Dellis. Our host was incredible, especially since he had just finished settling in a bus tour from Belgium, and we didn’t even have a reservation! Breakfast was very worthwhile.
Our itinerary didn’t allow any sightseeing in town, but it seems like a decent little sea-side place. Site of historic Battle of Thermopylae, and memorial to Leonidis is apparently not far.
The following day, we drove the remaining 3 hrs to Meteora, staying in Kastraki at award-winning hotel Pyrgos Adrachti. We really lucked out again: this hotel was recommended to us by a rep from, (with whom we did two hikes/tours, each amazing!) and it was perfect. The owner is very helpful, the breakfast (for 15€ per couple) was one of the best of our vacation, and a great pre-hike fuel-up, the building is perfect for the historic area, and the views are unlike anything in this world!!! Also, we found the rates at both hotels to be very budget friendly!

Hope this helps!


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Just some thoughts. Milos has lots to offer for a week. It has amazing rock formations and good beaches. It is pretty laid back and is not too crowded particularly after August 20th. I recommend you rent a car for your time in Milos. the bus system is not set up for tourists so a car gives you maximum flexibility. We stayed in Adamas on our first trip without a car and Plaka a more traditional Greek village on our second trip with a car. Because everything is pretty close, a car means it really doesn't matter where you stay everything is within a few minute drive.

Depending on your time allocation you could visit Delphi on your way to Meteora. Meteora will be a 5 hour drive from the airport. My recommendation would be to take an early flight back to Athens rent the car at the airport I use ACR Athens Car rentals. Drive to Meteora and plan to arrive about an hour before sunset. The whole area will be virtually deserted at his time. All the Mnasteries will be closed however all the wonderful vantage points overlooking the Monasteries will be clear and you will have lovely photo opportunities. Do stay in Kastraki which is the village nestled at the foot of the mountain. When we got up the next morning we could see 3 Monasteries from our hotel balcony.
Get up to the Monasteries as soon as possible. Not all the Monasteries are open every day so get to the ones that you are most interested in as soon as they open. By the time you are finished with the first one you will see why I recommend going up the night before. The whole area will be crowded with tour buses. All those lovely vantage points for viewing the Monasteries will be chocked with buses and tourists.
We counted over 30 buses in the parking lot of one of the Monasteries.
Delphi and Meteora

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Thank you all for your help