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Greece for a week

First time trip to Europe. I'm looking at the ferry schedule from Athens to Santorini; first, I'm looking at a 2 hour ferry trip, so am confused about the previous blogs re; 'too long', or I'm reading it wrong? Second, I'm traveling with my husband and it appears we have to travel in berths with like gender?? Appreciate any clarification.

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First, the shortest ferry trip between Athens/Piraeus and Santorini is on one of the highspeed catamarans and takes around 5 hours. I don't know where you read 2 hours, but that's just not possible. These ferries don't have berths, only lounge seating. There is no outside deck. Conventional car ferries are the ones that have berths, but they take longer, up to 8 hours. Check schedules here:

If you don't book a cabin available for just 2 people and don't want to pay for the extra berths in a larger cabin, the only other way to get a berth is in a same-gender cabin for up to 4 passengers. There are also different types of deck seating, both indoors and outdoors. Aircraft-style reclining seating is in lounges, and those seats are reserved so no one can poach it from you if you get up to walk around.

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And of course, you can also fly nonstop on either Aegean or RyanAir.